US Sanctions 10 North Korean Officials For Sony Hacking

Despite North Korea’s claim that it had nothing to do with the vicious hacking of Sony Pictures, the US government maintained its stand that the reclusive nation was behind the attack.

The Obama administration on Saturday announced economic sanctions against 10 officials of North Korea who allegedly are behind most of North Korea’s major cyberoperations.

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order in Hawaii, imposing economic sanctions against the North Korean officials.

However, US officials said they could not establish direct involvement of the 10 North Korean officials in the hacking of Sony Pictures, which resulted to the destruction of much of the studio’s computing infrastructure.

Obama earlier said any move against North Korean in relation to the Sony hacking incident will not be made public but the sanctions were publicly announced.

North Korea was blamed for the attacks on Sony Pictures as it occured while the studio was preparing to released a comedy movie about a plot by the US Central Intelligence Agency to assassinate North Korea’s Leader Kim Jon-un.