World’s Most Expensive Cities Named

For the second year running, Singapore continues to be the most expensive city in the world, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said.

Singapore leads the list comprised of 133 cities worldwide in the bi-annual survey conducted by EIU. The survey uses New York as a base.

According to the survey result, compared to New York, Singapore’s basic groceries are more expensive by 11% while its clothes are more expensive by over 50%. Singapore’s transport is also more expensive than New York by three times.

Trailing Singapore in this year’s list of most expensive cities are, in descending order, Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney.

The ten most expensive cities in the world

Singapore, Singapore
Paris, France
Oslo, Norway
Zurich, Switzerland
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Geneva, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea