7 Arizona Kids Saw How Their Father Stabbed Their Mother To Death

Authorities said seven children, aged 3 to 14, in Arizona witnessed how their father stabbed their mother to death insider their house following a heated confrontation over videogames.

Goodyear police said the children witnessed at least part of the horrible scene Thursday night when John Leo Davis, 37, stabbed his wife Michele Davis, 35, following a heated argument.

Michele reportedly confronted John Leo for slapping one of their seven children for playing videogames for too long.

The confrontation, however, became heated and the children told the police that they saw their father going after their mother with a knife.

The 14-year-old child called up 911 for help. The husband also called 911, crying hysterically, telling the operator that he lost his mind and stabbed his wife.

None of the seven children were hurt in the incident.

Responding policemen found Michele bathe in her own pool of blood at the front door of the house. She had at least 13 stab wounds in her back.

The police said the husband had several previous arrests in alleged domestic violence cases involving Michele and a former spouse.