Taiwan’s Cooby raises $2.9m in Sequoia India-led funding round


Taiwan-based conversation management tool Cooby today announced that they have raised  US$2.9 million to date led by Sequoia India’s Surge and Pear VC.

In a messaging-first world, the tool helps businesses streamline engagement and individuals to organise their customer conversations and boost inbox productivity. Cooby is Surge’s first startup founded and based in Taiwan.

With over two billion active users across the globe, WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular apps. An increasing number of sales teams are using the platform to engage new prospects and existing clients. Sales conversations happen through messaging apps because customers prefer more collaborative and real-time communication.

Businesses understand this, but many struggle to engage their leads and existing clients through WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. They grapple with issues like data ownership, transparency, visibility, activity tracking and legal protection due to the lack of data integration on WhatsApp.

Cooby equips these teams with WhatsApp work number setup, data sync, analytics dashboard, alerts and notifications, and collaboration interface to regulate WhatsApp and enhance their sales.

The company also provides visibility to customer conversations and sales activities on a unified platform. Cooby Workspace makes collaboration on WhatsApp possible without all the back-and-forths, aggregate all customer contacts, and provides clear and actionable analytics that enables teams to track, improve and grow.

Cooby’s team management solution provides full transparency into WhatsApp and LINE, enabling a smooth flow of data, information, and feedback that empowers each and every level of the sales organisation to evolve and achieve greater results.

Individuals are also able to organise their inboxes and supercharge their WhatsApp with Cooby Extension for free. With the extension, they are able to create custom tabs according to their needs, schedule events, set reminders, take down notes, and so much more. These features enable them to achieve inbox-zero and boost overall inbox productivity.