6/42 Lotto Result Today March 21, 2023 From PCSO

6/42 Lotto Result Today

Today, March 21, 2023, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is drawing the official 9 PM draw result of the 6/42 Lotto game. The live draw can be watched on the PTV channel and PCSO’s social media pages.

The minimum jackpot prize for this lottery game is P5.94 million, net of agent’s prize commission. Lotto 6/42 is the country’s first national lottery game and is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 PM.

6/42 Lotto Result Today, March 21, 2023:
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Aside from 6/42 Lotto, PCSO is also drawing other lottery games today. Check the table below for today’s lotto games and results:

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You can also view the actual draw through our YouTube channel:

In addition to 6/42 Lotto, PCSO also conducts other lottery games on this day. A table is provided below for the list of today’s lotto games and their respective results. The actual draw can also be viewed on PCSO’s YouTube channel.

Did you miss a 6/42 lotto draw and want to know if your old tickets have won? Check our history of 6/42 lotto results below:

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For those who won the 6/42 Lotto, PCSO has provided guidelines on how to claim their prize. They can claim their prizes at designated locations, which are also listed in a table below. PCSO has a verification system that validates all winning tickets, and tampered or counterfeited tickets will not be honored. Players should also ensure that their ticket is in good condition and not crumpled, torn, dirtied, or obliterated so that it can be read by the validation machine.

To play the 6/42 Lotto game, players need to buy a ticket from any authorized PCSO lotto outlet. Each ticket costs P20.00, and players can select their own 6-number combination from 1 to 42 on each board or use the Lucky Pick (LP) option to let the computer choose their numbers.

They can also choose to play with the same selected numbers for more than one draw by marking their preferred number of draws they want to play in the DRAW panel. The SYSTEM play is also available for this game, where players can select the 5R, SYS 7 up to SYS 12 option in their playslip to play their preferred System game and pay the corresponding amount. Consolation or low-tier prizes are also available for anyone who matched 5 out of 6 down to 3 out of 6 numbers.

PCSO reminds everyone that only persons aged 18 and above are allowed to play and claim the winning prize for the 6/42 Lotto game. Players should also take extra care of their Lotto ticket, not soaking it underwater or subjecting it to high temperatures as tickets are heat-sensitive, and PCSO will not accept tampered winning tickets. Finally, players should secure their ticket and not give it to anyone they do not trust for claiming.