Fans Won’t See Wii U’s ‘Legend of Zelda’ This Year


Fans who were hoping that Wii U’s definitive Legend of Zelda game will be released this year ended up frustrated when Nintendo said the game will not be released in 2015.

Game producer Eiji Aonuma said in a statement he posted on Facebook that releasing Legend of Zelda this year was no longer a priority as the team is still working hard to bring to life the biggest Zelda game ever.

Aonuma stressed that the team is going to take more time to make sure the game lives up to its full potential and will become the best game it can possibly be instead of forcing its released this year.

Nintendo also said on its Twitter post that the Legend of Zelda will not be shown at E3 this year, saying the team is still working hard on the developing the game.

“Mr. Aonuma & team will be hard at work on #Zelda and have decided not to show it @E3. Thanks for your patience!” the Twitter post of Nintendo America said.

Game fans, however, said they are willing to wait for Legend of Zelda next year if that would mean it will be the ultimate Zelda.

“As long as it will be the ultimate zelda, I’m ok with that,” one Facebook fan said.

“It will be worth the wait,” said one Jesus Sedano.

Another Facebook user said: “This is good news! Development team should focus on actual development, not the deadline”.