Workers in Shanghai will get a raise in their monthly minimum wage as authorities said the 200 yuan (US$32.24) increase will take effect starting 1 April.

The increase means regular workers in Shanghai will receive monthly minimum wage of 2,020 yuan (US$325.66) from 1,820 yuan, a local newspaper reported.

Those who are working part-time or less than four hours a day and not more than 24 hours a week for a single employer will see their hourly minimum wage going up from 17 yuan (US$2.74) to 18 yuan (US$2.90).

The 200 yuan monthly wage hike will be applicable to full-time staff of special public service programs, including river cleaning, forestry maintenance, as well as those involved in community services for the aged and disabled people.

These workers are currently paid around 1,940 yuan per month but will draw a minimum of up to 2,140 yuan from next month.

In Shanghai, the minimum wage refers to income that does not include an employee’s pension, unemployment, medical and other social insurance premiums and other additional payments.

Shanghai’s minimum wage index was the highest in China until Shenzhen raised its minimum wage to 2,030 yuan from 1 March. The minimum wage in Shanghai has increased almost every year since 1993. –