Hong Kong Singer Jinny Ng Curses Facebook User, Refuses to Apologize

Hong Kong singer Jinny Ng said she does not feel the need to apologize to a Facebook user whom she blasted and cursed for making a crude joke about the singer’s mother.

Ng, whose mother has been hospitalized after a bike accident, said she may apologize but not because of what she said online but because she is a public figure.

“Even if an apology was necessary, it wouldn’t be because I used curse words, but rather because I am a public figure and it would be a bad influence on young children!” the singer said.

Jinny Ng’s online tirade started when a netizen on Facebook made a joke about her mother, which made the singer fuming with anger.

Reports said the netizen commented, “Jinny’s mother must be sad that ‘Young Charioteers’ ended and took it upon herself to film a sequel,” referring to Ng’s project which has recently concluded production.

The 22-year-old singer did not find the user’s joke funny and took it at the expense of her injured mother. She posted a photo of the user and started cursing the netizen.

Her post immediately went viral and generated mixed reactions from netizens and fans. Some said Ng did the right thing to protect her family members while other expressed disappointment with her reaction.

Some netizens said Ng went out of line and should apologize to the person she was cursing at, considering that she is a public figure and a model to children.

However, Ng said she has thought of her actions well and stressed that she used “words that were acceptable in TV series aired after 9:30 PM”.

She even said that she may be a singer and a public figure but she is still a daughter to her mother and that no one has the right to use any of her family members as a target for fun and jokes.

“I will not allow these types of situation to happen,” Ng said. – BusinessNewsAsia.com