Philippine Teen Kills 85-Year-Old Grandma, Eats Her Heart

PHILIPPINES – Authorities remain puzzled at how a 19-year-old man killed her 85-year-old grandmother and reportedly ate her heart insider their house in Kabankalan City, Negros Oriental, south of the capital Manila.

Police said they found the victim, identified as Olivia Jalaman, already lifeless when they arrived inside her house in Barangay Tapi Tuesday dawn.

The victim had a nasty wound on her left chest and her heart was already missing, said Kabankalan City Police Chief Supt. German Garbosa.

The suspect, identified as Robin Jalaman, was also inside the said house. Jalaman admitted to the crime and said that he used a kitchen knife to take his grandmother’s heart out and then ate it.

The police found no trace of the victim’s heart.

During the investigation, Jalaman told the police that he just felt like stabbing her grandmother and then eating her heart.

Neighbors said Jalaman could be suffering from mental illness.

Only the victim and suspect were living inside the same house. –