Company Shares of Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Ionics Inc Rally at Philippine Stock Exchange

PHILIPPINES – Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc. (PSE:DAVIN)’s stock rallied on Monday’s trading to lead advancers with a last trade price of Php2.13 a share, 29.09 percent higher from its previous close.

Da Vinci’s stock opened at Php1.73 a share in today’s trading session and hit a high of Php2.34 and a low of Php1.62 before ending the day at Php2.13.

A total of 28.592 million shares exchanged hands in today’s session, with a total value of Php60.5 million. Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc. (PSE:DAVI)’s 52-week high was Php2.64 while its year’s lowest was Php1.15 a share. The company’s market capitalization stands at Php1.86 billion.

Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc. (DAVIN) was incorporated as Mariwasa Manufacturing, Inc. on November 5, 1953 to primarily engage in the manufacture of ceramic tiles.

On July 2, 2008, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the change in corporate name to Mariwasa Siam Holdings, Inc. (Mariwasa Siam) and change in its primary purpose from manufacturing to that of an investment holding company.

On April 26, 2013, the SEC approved the change in name of Mariwasa Siam to the present one. The Company is 85 percent owned by the Invescap Incorporated, 14.48 percent owned by other domestic corporations, and 0.52 percent owned by Filipino individuals.

Meanwhile, Ionics, Inc. (PSE:ION)’s stock also rallied in today’s trading session at the Philippine Stock Exchange to end the trading day at Php3.78 a share, or 21.15 percent higher from the previous close.

The stock of Ionics, Inc, which is engaged in electronic manufacturing services business, opened at Php3.30 apiece but dropped to a low of Php3.19. It rallied to hit Php4.18 a share but settled with a last trade price of Php3.78.

A total of 86.178 million shares exchanged hands today with a total value of Php326.93 million. It posted its year’s high of Php4.18 and low of Php0.43. It has market capitalization of Php2.672 billion.

Ionics, Inc. (ION) was incorporated on September 10, 1982 and started commercial operations in July 1987 to engage in electronic manufacturing services business. In September 1999, ION transferred its primary manufacturing business to a majority-owned subsidiary, Ionics EMS, Inc. (EMS). Accordingly, the Company ceased to be a manufacturing company and amended its primary purpose from that of a manufacturing entity to that of a holding company. –