Eleven Philippine Stocks Post Double-Digit Gains on Monday’s Trading

PHILIPPINES – A total of 11 stocks traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) posted double-digit gains on Monday, sending the All Shares index to end the day with a 0.35 percent increase.

F & J Prince Holdings Corporation B (PSE:FJPB) gained the most in today’s trading, closing the day 49.83 percent higher to trade at Php4.30 a share, its highest price in 52 weeks.

Now Corporation (PSE:NOW) also gained 47.37 percent to trade at Php0.84 a share at the close, nearly overtaking its 52-week high of Php0.85.

The PSE queried the two companies for the unusual movement of their stocks but the two firms said they do not know of any material information that triggered the rise of their stock prices.

Another stock that posted unusually higher gains on Monday’s trading was Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. (PSE:FNI), whose stock rose 39.78 percent to end the day at Php1.30.

Here are the eight other stocks that posted double-digit gains in today’s trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange:

  1. Philippine H20 Ventures Corp (PSE:H20). Up 17.57 percent to trade at Php4.35 at the close.
  2. Marcventures Holdings, Inc. (PSE:MARC). Up 17.09 percent to traded at Php2.33, or Php0.34 higher from its previous closing price
  3. Bright Kindle Resources & Investment (PSE:BKR). Up 15.32 percent to trade at Php1.43 a share.
  4. ATOK-Big Wedge Company, Inc. (PSE:AB). Up 15.31 percent to end the day at Php12.20 a share.
  5. F&J Prince Holdings Corporation A (PSE:FJP). Up 14.29 percent to trade at Php4.00 at the close.
  6. Jolliville Holdings Corporation (PSE:JOH). Up 13.82 percent to close at Php4.20 a share.
  7. Oriental Peninsula Resources Group (PSE:ORE). Up 13.24 percent to trade at Php1.54 at the closing bell.
  8. IP-eGame Ventures, Inc. (PSE:EG). Up 10 percent to trade at Php0.011 a share. – BusinessNewsAsia.com