SUNTEC CITY, SINGAPORE – Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World 2015 opened Wednesday at Suntec Singapore with a record number of attendees, keeping their reputation as the largest professional technology gathering in the region.

While the official number of participants will be released by an independent auditor, one of the organizing staff said this year’s attendance was a record breaker for the history of the show. Over 250 international exhibitors across the two events also filled up the exhibit hall.

Co-organized by the the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and CloserStill Media Ltd, this year’s Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World provide case studies and practical examples for organisations and businesses that are planning, embarking on or implementing cloud solutions.


“Because of the increasingly synergistic relationship between cloud computing and data, we are also featuring for the first time data-focused tracks. We are pleased to present a variety of speakers across the two days, from small to large companies, public and private sectors and everything in between,” said IDA Singapore’s Khoong Hock Yun and CloserStill Asia Ltd Singapore CEO Andy Center in a published statement.

In his welcome speech, Khoong highlighted the benefits and impact of data, with Singapore looking at how it can make data more available for the government and for businesses.

“Because of the benefits and impact of data, IDA is committed to raising the awareness and competency in data literacy,” he said.

Khoong also underscored the pertinent role of cloud computing and data in Singapore’s bid to build the world’s first Smart Nation and its vision of combining innovation and policy to lead a world standard.

He said Smart Nation harnesses technology to the fullest with the aim of improving the lives of citizens, creating more business opportunities, and an anticipatory government that utilizes tech to better serve the nation’s needs.

Other highlights of the opening included a packed-out Opening Plenary from Howie Lau, Singapore Computer Society President and CMO at StarHub, who commented on the tremendous growth seen in the Asian cloud market and its role as a critical business differentiator.

He continued to highlight Singapore’s potential to take a leadership position in the future evolution of the technology.

“As a professional body in Singapore, SCS is obviously very focus in terms of making sure that we remain relevant for our members in this cloud computing paradigm,” he said.

Lau also cited some challenges in cloud computing, including security and scarcity of cloud expertise.

“Demand for cloud experts is great, which is good news, but there is a need to bring up the supply to meet with the demand. With this, the IDA is working with SCS to develop a body of knowledge that recognizes the skills of cloud professionals,” he said.

The Smart IoT forum, a new addition to the 2015 programme, was also a success with a full day of popular talks and heated panel discussions. Toa Charm, Managing Partner at Big Data Elite Asia and Chairperson at Hong Kong Computer Society, spoke to an engaged theatre audience, covering the competitive advantages and sustainable growth opportunities offered by big data innovation.

Speaking at the end of Day One of Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World 2015, Event Director Andy Kiwanuka was thrilled with the first day feedback from exhibitors and delegates alike.

“This has been another incredible start to Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World. Every year we see a huge growth with a positive response to the shows across all industry vectors. 2015 has also welcomed the popular addition of the Smart IoT theatre, as well as the Energy Efficiency and DCIM streams which have responded to the evolving landscape of the cloud and data centre ecosystem.”

Phil Nelson, commercial director and co-founder of CloserStill Media, organiser of the world’s leading cloud and data centre events also reveled that next year’s expo will be moved to the Marina Bay Sands because this year’s expo has outsold space at the Suntec centre.

“On Day One, we have already sold half of next year’s floor space and sponsored event features. The show has attracted a great audience of top IT professionals with real projects and serious buying power,” Nelson said. –