Australia’s Yojee Partners With Thailand’s Nation Multimedia Group


Australia’s tech firm Yojee Limited (ASX: YOJ) said it has entered into a collaborative partnership with Thailand’s largest media company, Nation Multimedia Group (NML) with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The partnership opens up the Thailand e-commerce market to foreign companies and significantly enhances Yojee’s capabilities in the Southeast Asian country, where the e-commerce industry is worth an estimated AU$3.9 billion, Yojee said in a disclosure to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Yojee is a new platform technology company delivering powerful logistics and supply chain management capabilities via its’ proprietary block chain enabled software to the South East Asian region.

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NML is Thailand’s largest media company and also operates a leading logistics business, which provides nationwide delivery of documents, parcels, and larger goods, and offers next day delivery to 48 per cent of the Thai population.

It is backed by its strong vehicle asset base of six-wheeled line haulers, vans, pick-up trucks and motorcycles. The company also provides additional services including warehousing and pick-packing.

Yojee Enters Thailand’s Growing e-Commerce Market

The partnership allows for new and foreign entrants into Thailand’s growing e-commerce market to have access to warehousing, order packing and delivery, together with marketing and leaflet delivery to the important e-commerce demographic customer base across Thailand.

“The NML partnership allows us to open up valuable cross-border e-commerce opportunities, which historically have been quite difficult to facilitate. A very strong attraction for groups wanting to partner with Yojee is our ability to enhance marketing capability and fleet utilisation, and the NML partnership realises this for our network,” said Managing Director of Yojee, Ed Clarke.

Also commenting on the partnership, Nation Group Vice President, Allias Sa-Ei, said, NML is excited about he potential for greater freight volumes through its partnership with Yojee, and is impressed with the technology capabilities Yojee is bringing to the market. –