Indonesia’s LiveWell Global To Meet Korean Beauty Firms for Opportunities

LiveWell Global (LWG)

JAKARTA – LiveWell Global (LWG) – an Indonesian company which focuses on offering health and beauty products – is scheduled to meet with some Korean beauty companies in the fourth quarter of 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

According to LiveWell Global CEO Bambang Muliana, innovation of skin beauty in Korea, such as a treatment for facial skin with skin cream, has been recognized worldwide.

“Such innovation is very appreciated in Indonesia,” Bambang told reporters.

This great opportunity encourages LWG to meet some Korean companies to discuss business in health and beauty industry. Bambang will exchange ideas on how to market the product and to determine the target market for the product.

One of the Korean companies that LWG will meet is the maker of Esteau. This company produces tool which able to transform water into hydrogen water to reinvigorate and lighten a skin tone. The product comes in an easy-to-use small bottle.

“We eager to offer quality products to our consumers. Not only focus on the benefits of the products, LWG is also putting an enormous effort to create an innovation to meet customers’ need,” Bambang said.

According to Bambang, ever since music and culture of Korea – or widely known as K-Pop – invaded Indonesia, many people admire Korean products including its beauty products.

“Their (Korean artists) faces become a popular people’s reference when it comes to beautiful role model. We see this phenomenon as an opportunity for our business,” he continued.

First launched in August, more than 4,000 units of Hydro-Gen Esteau product were sold until September. “This lucrative sales is also supported by massive sales among our individual distributors,” he said.

Bambang will also spur sales until the end of this year.

“That is why meeting with these Korean companies is indispensable. In addition, we will also seek opportunity to develop LWG business products in Korea,” he concluded. –