Yadea, Lightning to Jointly Develop World’s Fastest Motorcycle

Yadea Lightning

Yadea, a Chinese electric two-wheeled vehicle brand in China, will work with US-based Lightning Motors to jointly develop and promote the world’s fastest motorcycle after the Chinese firm acquired shares of the American electric motorcycle manufacturer.

The development was announced by Yadea at the 1st FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix, the most eye-catching racing fest of the year, on the Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong last 8 October.

Yadea said it has acquired shares of Lightning Motors and that they will cooperate closely with each other in fields like product research and development, technology innovation, developing global clients, and manufacturing the world’s fastest motorcycle.

Lightning Motors Corporation, the most technologically advanced electric motorcycle company in the world, is the brainchild of Richard Hatfield and the result of combining his passion for motorcycles with his commitment to the environment.

In 2006, Lightning built the first Lithium Sport Bike in the world; in 2007, Lightning won the championship and broke a long-standing record of land speed by new developed prototype super electric bike.

In 2011, Lightning broke its own land speed record and grew into an company whose electric motorcycle speed exceeded 200 miles; in 2012, Lightning developed the first solar powered superbike, in 2013 Lightning made history by winning against the world best gasoline racing motorcycles with a speed of 218 miles/h (352km/h), a record no one breaks so far.

Mr. DONG Jinggui, Chairman and Executive Director of Yadea, said, “As the leading brand in China’s electric vehicle industry, Yadea upholds the production concept of environment protection and low carbon, and advocates green riding. The company is always committed to improve product quality and foster innovation as well as enhancing and promoting the development of China’s electric vehicle industry.

Building on the high-end brand strategy and position, Yadea has established strategic cooperation with Lighting Motors, Swarovski, Giovannoni Design SRL of Italy, AMV Design, Boxer, etc. in recent years.

“Meanwhile, we also attempt to further expand the global market while consolidating our domestic market position. In May this year, Yadea officially entered the capital market of Hong Kong by listing on the Main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange,” Dong said.

He added that taking part in Hong Kong ePrix is another step in implementing our international strategy, which plays a significant role in promoting the brand image of Yadea.

“Looking forward, we will continue to maintain our leading industry position, manufacture products that bring happiness to customers, deliver innovation continuously and bring China’s local electric vehicle brands abroad and the international arena,” he added. – BusinessNewsAsia.com