NEW YORK — Donnelley Financial Solutions’ (NYSE: DFIN) EDGAR Online Group is joining forces with qbeats to unlock its premium content and experience. For the first time, users will be able to access premium EDGAR Online content on a pay-per-view, on-demand basis.

qbeats is already helping more than 60 financial news and research providers value, distribute and monetize their content, but EDGAR Online represents the first provider of SEC filings, a bedrock source of information for investors.

“The information market is one of the most exciting and rich in the world and it’s time to untap its full potential. We’re thrilled to have EDGAR Online joining us in this endeavor,” said Anna Rodriguez, qbeats cofounder and CEO.

“EDGAR Online has always been the premier source of SEC filing data and we’re excited to use the power of qbeats technology to bring our premium content to this new audience and to as many people as possible,” said Craig Clay, President, Global Capital Markets, Donnelley Financial Solutions’ EDGAR Online Group. –