BEIJING — China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited (China Entercom) announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Dadi Cinema Group (“Dadi”), a trendsetting company in China’s cinema industry.

China Entercom will provide Dadi with a comprehensive network management solution including consultation, design, deployment and operations support. Through optimization and upgrade of Dadi’s network infrastructure, network security, data center and hi-speed network connections, the solution will effectively facilitate the implementation of Dadi’s “Film +” strategy, designed to create an experiential cinema ecosystem that features multi-faceted operation. The revolutionary concept will usher in a new era for the film industry.

Innovation Never Stops – enhancing competitiveness, optimizing customer experience

Dadi has witnessed the development of the film industry in China and, over the last decade, has established itself as a flagship enterprise in the domestic cinema market. As of October 31, 2016, Dadi operates 334 cinemas with a total of 1,795 screens located in 158 cities in 28 provinces.

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The first company in China to introduce fully digital cinemas, Dadi is now rolling out its innovative Film+ strategy. As Dadi General Manager Ms. Xin Yu explains, “Film+ is focused on the cinema experience. Combined with in-depth management of film culture groups, we attempt to create an experiential cinema ecosystem that features innovative catering, retail sales, Internet and cultural experiences.

China Entercom’s “Innovation Never Stops” philosophy is a perfect fit with our business strategy. We hope that teaming up with China Entercom will give us the benefits of its cutting-edge technology and informatization management capabilities to upgrade facilities to meet consumer demand, forge ahead with our Film + strategy, and make the Dadi brand more competitive.”

Innovation Never Stops – reliable operations that are secure and efficient

Moving ahead with the Film + strategy hinges on developing more online and digital cinema services. Core business areas such as ticketing and management systems must be secure and perform reliably.

To keep up with Dadi’s explosively rapid growth in recent years, the company’s network systems ballooned in size, becoming increasingly complicated and fragile. “The cooperation with China Entercom will allow us to leverage its one-stop ICT solution to refurbish our company’s basic infrastructure, including systems, networks, security and service assurances. We will establish standardized operating procedures and management mechanisms in order to ensure unified management and operations, and to maintain continuity of our services.” said Mr. Shi Di Wang, Dadi’s Senior IT Director.

China Entercom is pledged to develop advanced infrastructure support solutions, including a complete end-to-end infrastructure solution and a state-of-the-art data center that will provide a stable and reliable operating environment for cinema business systems.

Besides, its TrustCSI UTM will offer secure interconnectivity between cinemas and the core system, allowing Dadi to ensure efficient and stable performance of its cinema business systems across 100 cities in China.

The advanced solutions provided by China Entercom not only support the Film + strategy decision-making process with real-time information and communications, but also offer customers a quality experience, both online and offline, when they are booking tickets, selecting seats, viewing movies and shopping for other items at Dadi.

China Entercom will provide managed services to Dadi. The company will rely on its extensive service coverage and one-stop operation capabilities to offer Dadi 24/7 operational support for all of its cinemas nationwide.

China Entercom’s services include overall coordination, centralized management, rapid response and redeployments as needed. With China Entercom taking over a significant part of the day to day operational load, Dadi will be able to direct more resources to the optimization and upgrading of its IT business.

Innovation Never Stops – empowering companies with their digital transformation

In the era of “Internet +”, every industry is going through profound changes. The new ways of Internet driven connection is widely used by the traditional industries. A digital economy based on new kinds of Internet connectivity is taking shape.

China Entercom, one of the first ICT solutions providers in China to provide virtual cloud computing services, has witnessed the changes brought by the Internet. The company offers comprehensive solutions including consultation, design, deployment and operations support to help enterprises with their digital transformations.

Stephen Ho, President of China Entercom said, “China Entercom has been a pioneer in the ICT sector, with innovative thinking to usher in a new era of knowledge. Keeping abreast of market trends and customer needs combined with our commitment to continuous innovation allow China Entercom to formulate a blueprint for future growth, that makes us the preferred ICT partner for customers. Our extensive cooperation with Dadi Cinema Group, a leader in the cinema industry, will continuously implement our philosophy of “Innovation Never Stops”. We will strive for tailoring a new, highly efficient network solution based on Dadi’s goals and network system requirements, benefiting the cinema industry. China Entercom, one of the leading partners in network technology, with POPs throughout China, efficient and stable data centers and a highly capable team of top technical professionals, we are the ideal partner to help Dadi implement its Film + strategy and to facilitate the development of the Chinese film industry.

Innovation Never Stops – creating maximum value for enterprises

Information technology is developing by leaps and bounds. Identifying and understanding emerging trends and progress driven by continuous innovation are the only ways to ensure sustainable corporate growth. To further its commitment to “Innovation Never Stops”, China Entercom has introduced multiple flagship optimization projects to better support the digital transformation efforts of our customers:

1. New data centers – the Beijing and Guangzhou cloud data centers are scheduled to launch in 2017.
2. Expanded network coverage – To expand its network coverage over 80 POPs located in more than 60 cities throughout China. Combined with services provided by business partners, network coverage will be extending to the “one belt, one road” areas.
3. More cloud service platforms and enhancing cloud and security solutions – working together with world-class technology vendor partners, China Entercom will introduce more new innovative solutions and value-added services in 2017, in order to address customers need.

“Further down the road we intend to strengthen our abilities in new ICT sectors such as big data analysis, IOT, NFV and SDX. We will adopt cutting-edge network infrastructure and services to offer our corporate customers with innovative and advanced solutions, helping them to expand and add value to their businesses.” added Stephen Ho. –