Suprema Set to Unveil BioSign 2.0, a Game-Changing Mobile Fingerprint Authentication Solution

At MWC 2017, BioSign delivers world-best performance for low-end devices

Suprema Middle East

SEOUL, KOREA – Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and ID solutions, has announced the availability of BioSign 2.0, a game-changing mobile fingerprint authentication solution featuring the world’s fastest matching speed.

Suprema will be showcasing BioSign 2.0 at Mobile World Congress 2017, Feb 27 – Mar 3 in Barcelona.

Using advanced AI technology, BioSign 2.0 yields matching speeds up to 2x the fastest speeds available, while far outpacing others in terms of accuracy (FRR) and security (FAR).

Moreover, the new BioSign 2.0 offers enhanced robustness and accuracy over time, and extra flexibility in integration by supporting various types and sizes of sensor.

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BioSign 2.0 is designed to deliver best performance with low-end application processors (APs) as well, providing for low-cost smartphones and other mobile devices to adopt fingerprint authentication solutions.

BioSign 2.0 performs matching speeds of 50ms with high-end APs and 100ms with low-end APs, while maintaining security levels (FAR) under 0.0005%.

While current technology often results in poorer performance over time, BioSign 2.0 actually gets ‘smarter’.

Powered by a ‘self-learning’ mechanism in its algorithm, BioSign 2.0 ‘learns’ continuously about changes in a user’s scanning habits and skin conditions, and self-evolves to accomodate such change, with even better accuracy over time.

BioSign 2.0 allows extra flexibility in design, providing for an extensive range of sensors in terms of form factor and type.

From the world’s smallest fingerprint sensor at only 13 mm2, BioSign 2.0 integrates most form factors and sensor types including capacitive, optical and under-glass.

“Fingerprint authentication has become an essential feature of today’s smartphone. It’s a ‘must’ on all premium models, and is increasing in mid- to low-range models. By providing super-fast matching with low-end performance, BioSign 2.0 is set to change the game, and lead to widespread support in the mid-range smartphone market. BioSign provides the most economical and effective method of fingerprint authentication,” said Brian Song, CEO at Suprema.

Suprema launched BioSign 1.0 at MWC 2016. BioSign 1.0 drew attention from a number of major smartphone manufacturers, and will be embedded on production models this year.

At MWC 2017, Suprema will introduce BioSign 2.0 – as a game-changer in accelerating widespread fingerprint authentication on mid-range smartphones. –