Xped Inks Licensing Deal with Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

Xped Limited

AUSTRALIA – Xped Limited (ASX: XPE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc (ASE) of Taiwan, allowing both companies to collaboratively engage to develop a binding agreement to license several Xped technologies, develop specific solutions for ASE, and collaboratively market and develop solutions for ASE customer base.

When a binding agreement is reached, ASE will incorporate Xped ADRC Proxy and the RML Translation technology into ASE modules for automation devices, sensors, and beacons.

Under the proposed terms the companywill provide ASE branded versions of the Xped App customised for virtual gateway, asset tracking, building automation, and smart factory solution.

Under the proposed terms, when a binding agreement is reached, the fee will be negotiated from the standard Xped licensing cost sheet as follows: Smart Things: USD$0.15 per Thing; Smart Gateways: USD$1.00 per Gateway; and Smart Platform: USD$2.00 per Platform.

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In addition, ongoing maintenance fees are to be negotiated as part of the final binding agreement.

ASE have identified 3 internal projects as initial trial opportunities These trials involve Asset Tracking and Smart Factory solutions.

Now that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed, Xped and ASE will work together to progress to binding agreements.

The company hopes to reach binding agreements for both the trial statements of work and a licensing agreement for ADRC technology with ASE in Q2 2017.

ASE is the world’s largest subcontractor of semiconductor back-end manufacturing services. In addition, ASE has developed a tremendous line-up of radio and sensor modules.

The key engagement point with Xped will be bringing the ADRC technology to the ASE WiFi, BLE, and 802.15.4 radio modules as well as promoting the ASE sensor modules to our OEM partners.

The next steps for the relationship are to move into binding agreements both in regards to the suggested trials as well as with a licensing agreement for the Xped technology.

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ASE has the potential to be a direct customer for Xped in their own factories as well as a channel partner who can promote ADRC to their customers. Once the binding agreements have been signed it should take approximately 9 months to see the project reach production.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Xped to work with ASE and demonstrates the attractiveness of our technology solution. The trial projects will provide opportunity to showcase our ADRC solution in both Asset Tracking and in a new market segment of Smart Factories,” said Xped’s Managing Director Martin Despain. – BusinessNewsAsia.com