Dr Lui Che-woo Officiates at the Opening Ceremony of Wuyi University’s Student Integrated Service Centre


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Committed to Promoting the Tertiary Education Development in China

HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – Dr Lui Che-woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group (the “Group”) is constantly committed to supporting education development in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas and is particularly concerned about the development of tertiary education in his hometown – Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. As Principal Lifelong Honorary President of Wuyi University Board and Chairman of the former Wuyi University Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited, Dr Lui, has today officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Wuyi University Student Integrated Service Centre, marking the official opening of the Building.

Mr Zhang Kun, Secretary of Wuyi University CPC Committee; Mr Li Ziliu, former Mayor of Guangzhou, along with Dr Lui, have officiated at the ceremony in attendance of more than 1,000 teachers and students from Wuyi University.

Dr Lui Che-woo, in his speech at the ceremony said, “I was invited to be the Chairman of the Board of Wuyi University to promote the development of the University when it was first established in 2008. Since its inception, our overseas Wuyi fellow natives and members of the Board have offered support to the construction and development of the University while making donations to a number of projects, such as academic building, administrative building, auditorium, library, student dormitory, athletic field, technology building, Shiyou Building, tennis court etc. Meanwhile, I hope to do my best to facilitate the school development by setting up scholarship. Taking the chance, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Ye Jiakang, founding President of Wuyi University, who has laid a solid foundation for the school development. Special thanks also go to the former and present leaders especially secretaries, presidents and teachers, who have contributed their untiring efforts to achieve new milestones for Wuyi University.”

Mr Zheng Kun, Secretary of Wuyi University CPC Committee, said, “Dr Lui Che-woo, as the first Chairman of the Board of Wuyi University, has always cared for and supported the development of Wuyi University. In 2009, the first board proposed and donated this Student Integrated Service Centre. Today, the building is completed successfully, providing students with a good place for learning and communications. Upholding the belief of “Rooted in Jiangmen, serve the community, join hands with stakeholders and develop our own characteristics”, we will make every effort to promote the construction of “Guangdong Province’s distinctive and high standard university of science and technology”, and express our gratitude to the local and overseas fellows, government and leaders with excellent school results.

Believing that “education engenders a strong country”, Dr Lui Che-woo strives to support the development of tertiary education with a view to bringing sustainable development for our community. Since the establishment of the Wuyi University, Dr Lui has rendered full support to the construction of the University. After Dr Lui’s appointment as the first Chairman of the Board of Wuyi University in 2008, he has steadfastly led the collaboration of local and overseas Wuyi fellow natives to promote the building and development of the University. Dr Lui has taken the initiative to make a donation to Wuyi University for the construction of academic buildings such as the Lui Che-woo Hall and Lui Che-woo Technology Building. In recent years, under Dr Lui’s leadership, the Wuyi University Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited has donated the accumulated assets that the Foundation amassed over the years to the University for the construction of student dormitory buildings under permanent ownership of the Foundation. All net proceeds generated from the dormitory will continue to support Wuyi University through financial assistance, scholarship endowments and in other matters related to its development.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Wuyi University Student Integrated Service Centre was held on 18 October 2015 – and construction was completed in the winter of 2017. Occupying a gross floor area of approximately 3,500 square meters, the three-storey building’s design was led by the famous architectural designer Professor He Jingtang and completed under the guidance of Wu Rongzhi, Chairman of the Third Wuyi University Board. The building offers a one-stop integrated service hall, consisting of the Student Academic Guidance and Service Centre, Psychological Service Centre, Employment Guidance and Service Centre, Admission Service Centre and Alumni Service Centre, etc., fully embodying the talent cultivation and service concept of “everything for the students”, sincerely embraced by the founders, including Dr Lui.

Development of Wuyi University:

In early 1984, Mr Li Ziliu was in Hong Kong to rally support of fellow Wuyi natives residing overseas to build a new university in their hometown. The “Committee of Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong Compatriots for the Construction of the Wuyi University” with donations from Dr Lui Che-woo and his fellowmen from Wuyi in Hong Kong was established. In 1992, Dr Lui Che-woo, together with other Wuyi natives in the city including Sir Lee Quo-wei; Mrs Esther Yewpick Lee; Mr Szeto Fai and Mr Wong Kau, set up the “Wuyi University Education Fund Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited” and raised donations of around HK$70 million. The annual earnings derived from the fund has been used to purchase teaching facilities, in particular those not budgeted for, to support the long-term development of the University.

Dr Lui Che-woo was the Chairman of the Board of Wuyi University when it was first established in 2008, dedicated to promoting development of the University. In early 2014, “Wuyi University Education Fund Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited” decided that, after funding construction of the University, the remaining accumulated HK$50 million would be donated to the University for building a permanent student dormitory tower to meet the rising demand of students for on-campus accommodation.

After deduction of operating expenses, the annual income from leasing the student dormitories will be used to offer scholarships or grants to students. According to the University’s estimate, a surplus of up to RMB10 million has been accumulated in the four years after the dormitory tower which construction was funded by the “Wuyi University Education Fund Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited” (Education Foundation) began operation.

Dr Lui Chi-woo also suggested the School Affairs Office devising a long-term plan for such recurring income and setting up a special development fund to decide how to best apply the resources to enhance operations of the University. He also advised that all members and representatives of the “Wuyi University Education Fund Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited” maintain close communication and transparency with quarterly report of income and expenses of the development fund, as well as to acknowledge and pay respect to kind donors to the Foundation Fund.

Over the past 30 years, Wuyi University has developed from a bare farmland into a modern university campus. In recent years, the University is dedicated to transforming itself into a high-standard university focusing on engineering disciplines in Guangdong Province, thus it has been pursuing in-depth teaching reforms and has seen its education quality improving steadily. It has nurtured batches after batches of talent for Wuyi, Jiangmen. Currently, there are 19,000 full-time undergraduates and more than 400 post-graduates studying at Wuyi University, which is gaining fame.

Wuyi University is deeply cared by the local and overseas Wuyi fellow natives. Dr Lui Che-woo recommends the University to invite well-known scholars from all around the world to give speeches, share experience and exchange ideas with students so as to broaden their horizons and inspire multi-dimensional thinking, thereby equip them for embracing the development of the country as well as the Big Bay Area.

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