Hua Hong Semiconductor’s Second-Generation 0.18μm 5V-40V BCD Process Platform Successfully Achieves Mass Production


HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (“Hua Hong Semiconductor” or the “Company”, stock code: 1347.HK), a global, leading specialty pure-play foundry, today announced that its second-generation 0.18μm 5V/40V BCD process platform has been successfully mass-produced. Featuring low on-resistance, a full high-voltage range, and few photoetching layers, the platform is an ideal process choice for industrial control applications and DC-DC converters, among others.

The second-generation 0.18μm 5V/40V BCD process platform has a 40V DMOS breakdown voltage of up to 52V, and its on-resistance is as low as 20 mOhm.mm2, reaching the leading process level of the node, which can improve the drive capability of products, reduce the size of chips, expand the safe-operation-area (SOA) of high-voltage tubes, and ensure the high reliability of products. The process platform has a minimum of 18 mask layers, and offers a wide range of optional components, including high-ohmic resistors, capacitors, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, etc. The platform also makes available in-house designed standard cell library, SRAM compiler, IO and eFuse, thus providing a complete design solution for power management chips.

The company has completed verification and entered mass production of chip products in many fields such as motor drive, fast charging, communication, security, DC-DC and LDO, through close cooperation with many customers at home and abroad.

With a focus on green technology, power management plays an important role. Hua Hong Semiconductor has introduced a comprehensive power management (PMIC) BCD process solution and has rich mass production experience at 0.5μm, 0.35μm and 0.18μm nodes. In the future, Hua Hong Semiconductor will continue to leverage its technical expertise in BCD and eNVM processes, and integrate the two to create high-end power management SOCs for intelligent power products.

“Hua Hong Semiconductor has always regarded the power management platform as a top priority of process R&D, and the mass production of the second-generation 0.18μm 5V/40V BCD process marks another improvement in our core competitiveness in the PMIC field,” Dr. Kong Weiran, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor remarked. “Looking ahead, we will continue to develop more advanced intelligent power management platforms to provide customers with competitive advantages in differentiated technologies.”

About Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited
Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (“Hua Hong Semiconductor”, stock code: 1347.HK) (the “Company”) is a global, leading pure-play foundry with specialty process platforms uniquely focused on eNVM, power discrete, analog & power management and logic & RF. Of special note is the Company’s outstanding quality control system that satisfies the strict requirements of automotive chip manufacturing. The Company is part of the Huahong Group, which is an important member of China’s 909 Project. With semiconductor manufacturing as its core business, the Huahong Group is a high-tech, globally oriented, highly competetive enterprise with innovative capabilities.

The Company presently operates three 200mm wafer fabrication facilities within the Huahong Group (HH Fab1, HH Fab2 and HH Fab3) in Jinqiao and Zhangjiang, Shanghai, with a total monthly 200mm-wafer capacity of over 170,000 wafers. There is also a new 300mm-wafer fabrication facility (HH Fab7) being built in Wuxi’s National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. When completed, the Wuxi fab will increase the Company’s monthly capacity by forty thousand 300mm wafers.

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