China’s First Digital Variable Frequency Electrical Skid Mounted Blender by Honghua was Successfully Applied to Shale Gas Projects

HONG KONG – (ACN Newswire) – Honghua Group Ltd (Stock Code: 196.HK), a leading global land drilling rig manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the China’s first Digital Variable Frequency Electrical Skid Mounted Blender developed by the Honghua team of shale gas projects was successfully applied to shale gas fracturing and achieved good results in Sichuan Basin shale gas fields. As an important part of the Honghua shale gas development project, Electrical Blender is mainly responsible for supplying liquid for the 6000HP electric fracturing pump for large-scale fracturing operation. As of October 15, the equipment has operated reliably and safely for 84 hours, with about 23,000 cubic meters of liquid supply, over 1,600 cubic meters of sand filling, liquid supply pressure of 0.45MPa, maximum sand ratio of 48%. Its excellent performance, high degree of automation and simple operation have been highly recognized by customers and can fully meet the requirements of domestic shale gas operation.

Mr. Jin Liliang, Chairman of Honghua commented, “As the domestic first Digital Variable Frequency Electrical Skid Mounted Blender, the successful application of this product means that Honghua provides a powerful tool for the comprehensive development of shale gas in China. The Electrical Blender is another hit product of our team of shale gas project subsequent to the 6000HP electric fracturing pump, flexible water tank, control center (skid mounted) and so on. With the advantages of being driven by digital variable frequency, the equipment features of simple structure, high transmission efficiency, high automation degree, high control precision, low working noise and zero discharge. As one of the key equipments in the overall solution for shale gas development, this blender has not only further improved the Honghua all-electric fracturing system, but also prepared for the next stage of shale gas development to achieve fully automatic fracturing. ”

About Honghua Group Limited (Stock Code: 196.HK)
As one of the leading land drilling equipment manufacturers in the world and the largest land drilling rig exporter in PRC, Honghua is primarily engaged in manufacturing conventional land drilling rigs, digital drilling rigs, accessories of drilling rigs, as well as the parts and components for the drilling rigs or for the maintenance of the drilling rigs in operation. Leveraging on the strong R&D strength, high-quality production facilities and mature international sales network, Honghua’s 80% products have been sold to a large number of famous enterprises all over the world, including major oil-production regions such as North America, Middle East, and emerging markets including South America, India, Russia, China and Africa. In the future, Honghua and CASIC will have in-depth cooperation in advanced energy equipment manufacturing and oil & gas field services field and achieve synergy in R&D, project execution and market expansion, to become an international leading combining equipment manufacturing provider in oil & gas industry.

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