Lightspeed Venture Partners Raising $560m For Two Chinese Funds

Lighstpeed Venture Partners, an American venture capital firm focusing on early stage investments in the enterprise technology and consumer space, is raising a total of $560 million for VC funds focused on China. In its pair of filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Lightspeed Venture said it is raising $360 million for a fourth Chinese venture capital fund and $200 million for a Chinese select fund. The two funds – Lightspeed China Partners IV and Lightspeed China Partners Select I GP – add to Lightspeed’s 15 funds that have raised a combined $7.6 billion, according to Crunchbase data. For this year, the firm raised $3.8 billion for its four funds – Lightspeed Venture Partners Select III, Lightspeed India Partners II, Lightspeed Venture Partners XII, and Lightspeed Venture Partners Select III. – Read full story at