5 Fun Things to Do in Beijing

If you’re going to visit Beijing you are in for a treat! Beijing is full of interesting history ( It is as old as London, 6X older than New York City and 10X older than Sydney, to give you perspective), delicious cuisine, and general great fun! Here is a list of five fun things you can do in Beijing should you be looking for suggestions.

  1. Visit the Great Wall of China

One of the oldest still-standing structures in the World, the Great Wall of China is a breathtaking sight. Built from the 14th through 17th centuries it didn’t always prevent invaders throughout history, but its continued presence through all this time has made it a powerful symbol of China’s strength and perseverance.  Flights from Singapore To Beijing are the cheapest ever, so no excuse not to visit!

  1. Shop at the Silk Street & Pearl Market

Whenever you’re on a vacation one thing that is always fun to do is shop. Should you want some fantastic souvenirs in the form of wonderful clothing or gorgeous pearls this is the place to go. The only better than the quality is the prices!

  1. Tour the Palace Museum

Also known as the Forbidden City, the Palace Museum was the (former) Chinese imperial palace from the time period of the Ming dynasty all the way to the Qing dynasty. It often has a variety of tours, numerous informative exhibits, and quality restaurants should you get hungry while exploring.

  1. Eat at King’s Joy Beijing

One of the top-rated restaurants in all of the city, King’s Joy Beijing has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere that is perfectly complemented by some of the best-tasting food you’ll ever eat. Should you require vegetarian or vegan options they have an excellent assortment of choices for those needs as well!

  1. Check-out the Beijing Zoo

Animals are always a fun sight, and the Bejing Zoo not only features your usual fun assortment of critters, it also houses such rare sights as Pandas among its serene landscaping. Founded in 1906, it has existed for over a century and through all those years has brought guests immense joy.

This list contains just five fun things to do in Bejing, but rest assured there is plenty more to consider enjoying! Consider this list a starting-guide but don’t hesitate to explore a wide-range of other attractions such as the Beijing Aquatic Center, the Temple of Heaven, or Yuanmingyuan Park. When thinking of things to do in Beijing there are clearly many choices–the hardest part will be finding the time to do it all!