Uncooked Pork Breeds 700 Tapeworms in Man’s Brain, Lungs

A 46-year-old Chinese man who had been eating uncooked food for one month was near to being taken over by parasites. Good thing he was rushed to the hospital on time.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, doctors found more than 700 tapeworms in Zhu Zhongfa’s body, including his brain and lungs.

It turned out that Zhu had ingested the eggs of the parasite Taenia solium, or the pork tapeworm.

Doctors said the worm larvae had entered Mr Zhu’s body through his digestive system and then made their way to his brain through the bloodstream.

The construction worker, of Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province of East China had suffered regular seizures for the few weeks after a month of eating uncooked pork.

Zhu revealed he had eaten a hot pot and he was unsure the pork was fully cooked. The tapeworm with which he was infected is most commonly found in pig mea

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