The recently renovated Orchard Hotel Singapore was honoured as the “Top Employer Brand (Singapore)” in the Hospitality Sector at the 2019 Asia CEO Summit & Award Ceremony held in Bangkok by Influential Brands. The hotel chain has been celebrated for providing an outstanding employee engagement environment, company culture, and human resources practices in the digital age. Receiving the recognition showcases the hard work that Orchard Hotel Singapore puts into making the hotel a great place to work, according to Jean-Philippe Jacopin, the hotel’s general manager. “Our aim is to ensure that we not only have the right people for dedicated job roles but also are focused on the training and development of our staff by giving them a secure environment to succeed and grow professionally,” Jacopin added. Jorge Rodriguez, Managing Director of Influential Brands® said, “It is our honour to recognise Asia’s Top Employers as a true testament of their best-in-class HR Practices and great culture making them the best employers to work for”.

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