XD Inc. (“XD” or the “Group”), a top five PRC game operator who earns most of its revenue from overseas , commenced trading of shares on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”) today, under the stock code 2400.

Mr. HUANG Yimeng, Executive Director, Chairman of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of XD, said, “Since its inception, XD has stayed true to its original aspiration of ‘impacting each and every gamer by promoting the spirit of craftsmanship’ in developing and introducing quality games to the world, and establishing TapTap , the largest game community and platform in the PRC. Listing on the Main Board of SEHK presents us with a good opportunity, giving us a strong drive to grow our business and engagement. Looking ahead, we will keep strengthening our game portfolio, increase the active user base and engagement of TapTap, enhance overseas operation, upgrade our information infrastructure facilities and technologies, and also look for strategic investment and acquisitions. It is our hope that the Group can, with excellence results in the future, reward shareholders and investors for their strong support and trust.”

XD has maintained high growth. Between 2016 and 2018, its revenue and profit increased at a CAGR of 57.0% and 288.5% to RMB1,887.1 million and RMB352.7 million respectively. XD also operates TapTap2, the leading game community and platform in China, which together with its online games, has presented it with strong synergies. The Group’s games were offered in more than 100 countries and regions across the globe. In the five months ended 31 May 2019, overseas market accounted for 67.8% of its total revenue from game operation. The Group has a diverse portfolio of games of different genres. As at 30 September 2019, the Group operated 42 online games and 12 premium games. Its game pipeline included 11 online games and seven premium games expected to be released by 2020.


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