18 Awarded Companies with Great Support from Business Community and Media

The Award Ceremony of Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2019 was successfully held on 14 January 2020 at Rosewood Hong Kong. 18 awarded companies’ representatives and honourable guests attended and witnessed the 11th Anniversary of the Awards. With celebration of the remarkable achievement, the Awards gained wide support from the business community and media from both Hong Kong and overseas.

Celebrating 11th Anniversary: Beyond Reputation and Innovation

Being a leading financial website in Hong Kong, Quamnet not only focuses on the financial field, but also the accomplishments of Hong Kong business community which attracts public attention. The Awards, instituted in 2009, is organized by Quamnet and aims to identify and recognize the excellent performance of Hong Kong enterprises.

The judging panel of QOEA is formed by the Quamnet editorial team, Quamnet research team, and independent financial analysts. Each nominated enterprise is required to submit their company profile and the self-evaluation report for assessment and selection. The committee will then use eight categories to select the most representative enterprises. The eight categories include excellent products and services, brand reputation, philosophy of operation, marketing strategies, sustainable development strategies, accomplishments, corporate social responsibility and unique business philosophy or development.

This year we celebrate the eleventh year of QOEA, with theme of “Beyond Reputation and Innovation”, which means all winning companies’ determination in dedication, leading the industry peers and creating innovative ideas, that eventually leads to further development of economy of Hong Kong.

Awarded companies come from a wide array of industries in Hong Kong, including financial services, property development finance and information technology, transport and infrastructure, asset management, insurance, logistics, property development and media etc.

18 companies are being awarded this year with its outstanding achievement, including Agile Group Holdings Limited, Aura Global Limited, Bank of Communications Trustee Limited, China CITIC Bank International Limited, China CITIC Bank International Private Banking, China Life Trustees Limited, China Minsheng Financial Holding Corporation Limited, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited, Dah Sing Bank, Limited, Dah Sing Insurance Company (1976) Limited, Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd., Kerry Logistics Network Limited, LF Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited, Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited, Negawatt Utility Limited, Redsun Properties Group Limited, XGD Media Limited and Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited.

Awards Ceremony Attended by Professionals and Elites, Widely Embraced by Business Community and Media

The Awards was honoured to have business community and media’s support, including

Dr. Pollyanna Y.W. Chu, Vice-Chairman of The Institute of Securities Dealers and Honorary Chairman of The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed
Dr. Michael Chan , Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing
Prof. Terence Chong , Executive Director of Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr. Peter Chiu, PhD , Chairman of The Association of Distinguished Corporation and Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Bay Area Economic And Trade Association (corporate citizenship)
Mr. Sam KWOK Tak Sum , President of Hong Kong Society of Economists
Ms Alice Yip , ACCA Global Council Member

Mr. George Wong, Managing Director of China Tonghai Financial Media Limited, said “The Awards reflect Quamnet’s mission of recognizing the outstanding performance of the enterprises in Hong Kong, as it aspires to be a widely recognized financial media, setting the benchmark of corporate governance and business development. 2019 has been a tough year for enterprises around the world, Hong Kong enterprises have managed to strive in the ever-changing environment and remain abreast of economic and technological development. Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of QOEA, we would also like to express our appreciation to all the winners in the past ten years. The achievement and outstanding performance of these enterprises not only helps enhance positive corporate image and reputation on their own, but it also helps create value through good corporate governance and business culture.”

Keys to success of outstanding enterprises

Agile Group Focusing on Property Development and Supported by a Diversified Range of Businesses
Ms. Sarah Leung, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs of Agile Group Holdings Limited, expressed her gratitude to Quamnet for awarding the “Outstanding China Real Estate Enterprise” to Agile Group. In recent years, Agile Group has implemented the business model of “focusing on property development, supported by a diversified range of businesses”, and made all efforts to expand its business segments including property development, property management, environmental protection, Agile City (formerly known as construction), real estate construction management and commercial etc. In 2019, the Group has established its property development and diversified businesses in various cities in China and overseas, and these businesses have returned with fruitful results. During the year, Agile Group obtained an encouraging result that once again achieved over RMB100 billion of pre-sale amount and fulfilled its full-year pre-sales target for 2019.

Aura Global provides caring immigration advisory service
Aura Global Limited is named the Outstanding Consultancy of Immigration and Foreign Investment 2019. Aura Global has been recognized with their caring immigration advisory service and strong international partnerships in the market. With a devoted team which truly cares about client’s needs, Aura Global has proved themselves to be a trustworthy and responsible company of integrity. Ms Margaret SzeTo, director and cofounder said, “It is not just about what we can do to our clients with our expertise. It is about the mission of what we should be doing and innovate to actually give our clients peace of mind and confidence.” Aura Global serves clients with sincerity, and eventually it becomes something mutual from their clients. Tackling obstacles for clients with their professionalism and honesty, they have successfully conveyed the message to their clients that, “Immigration is just that simple.”

BOCOM Trustee Rapid Expansion in Custody Services
Bank of Communications Trustee Limited (“BOCOM Trustee”) extended its trustee services in Hong Kong with remarkable results. BOCOM Asset Custody Business Centre (Hong Kong) was established in March 2013. It was the first professional custody platform set up by Chinese banks outside Mainland China, integrating the functions of marketing, custody operations, product development, and customer services in one go. This platform marked an important milestone for Bank of Communications in the development of its cross-border custody business. With the rapid expansion of RMB bonds and the internationalization of Renminbi, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, BOCOM Trustee closely follows the changing trend of the market, dedicated to create a professional and high-quality solution for each customer and continuously improves the service quality of its own brand.

China CITIC Bank International adheres to progressive approach to creating value for customers with customer-centric execution of world-class quality
China CITIC Bank International is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive array of professional banking and wealth management services including tailored asset allocation and wealth succession solutions which allow customers to facilitate transfer, protection, accumulation and growth of wealth as well as seamless succession of family business towards achieving their wealth management aspirations. In view of the service excellence, China CITIC Bank International again received two awards in the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards, namely Outstanding Private Banking Service 2019 and Outstanding E-Business Service 2019. Aspired to be “the best integrated financial services institution” with the best international standards and capabilities, China CITIC Bank International provides value-creating financial solutions to define and exceed both the wealth management and international business objectives of Greater China and overseas customers.

China Life Trustees Sets the New MPF Benchmark with Innovative Technology
China Life Trustees Limited has been awarded with “Outstanding MPF Scheme” for six times. “Your Companion for Retirement Life, China Life MPF” is the business concept of China Life Trustees, which means that we regard “customer-orientation” as our core spirit. To assist Hong Kong workforce to build fruitful retirement life, China Life Trustees keeps on improving current MPF product structure, fund portfolio and fees of the scheme, and also bringing new technology to expand the types of service provided on e-platform. Through MPF digital transformation, customers can manage their MPF hassle-free at anytime, anywhere.

CITIC Telecom CPC with the motto “Innovation Never Stops” to take hold of every opportunity to grow
CITIC Telecom CPC is a “Global Local” ICT solutions partner with worldwide footprint. With the motto “Innovation Never Stops”, the company serves multinational enterprises the world over by addressing their specific ICT requirements with highly scalable tailored solutions built upon its flagship technology suites. Mr. Alex Ma, Manager, Cloud Solutions Architect of CITIC Telecom CPC, says digital transformation is an inevitable trend for enterprises in recent years. CITIC Telecom CPC leads its key markets at the forefront of pioneering ICT development, embracing AI, AR, Big Data, IoT, and other cutting-edge emerging technologies to transform technical potential into real-world value for its customers, helping them achieve higher productivity, agility, cost-efficiency, and ultimately, Digital Transformation. Whilst 2020 will be a challenging year, CITIC Telecom CPC will continue its effort on launching more innovative solutions and extending the service reach, taking hold of every opportunity to grow with its enterprise customers.

Dah Sing Bank provides diversified products and progress with customers
Dah Sing Bank was named again the Outstanding Enterprise Transaction Banking Services, demonstrating the Bank’s success in delivering on its commitment to continuous innovation for providing a pleasant customer experience. The Bank is focused, devoted, flexible, and efficient in serving customer in the Greater Bay Area providing a diverse spectrum of products and services. The commitment to build a long-term relationship with customers deeply identified with the judges of this award. Mr. Eddie Lau, Executive Director & Head of Commercial Banking Division, said: “Dah Sing Bank is delighted to be recognised by Quamnet as the Outstanding Enterprise Transaction Banking Services. This award validates the approval of the industry and our customers toward the works that we have been doing over the years. For this, we are honoured and would like to express our gratitude to Quamnet again for this award. In the future, we will continue to design our products and services according to customer needs and strives to provide the best banking experience. We hope to be with our corporate customers “Together We Progress and Prosper.”

Dah Sing Insurance provides diversified products to meet ever-changing market needs
Dah Sing Insurance Company (1976) Limited is awarded the Outstanding Insurance Company (General Business) for the second year. Dah Sing Insurance CEO Mr Jimmy Poon states that it is a recognition to our achievements in providing high-quality general insurance products and services to our personal and commercial customers. In future, Dah Sing Insurance, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited, will continue to embrace the same guiding principles and values of the Dah Sing Group and dedicate to attain Customer Commitment, Integrity and Compliance, Financial Strength & Risk Management and Operational Excellence. In keeping with the times and the ever-changing market demand, we will further develop a wider spectrum of high-quality insurance products to offer comprehensive coverage to our clients. Meanwhile, we will also leverage new information technologies to provide better customer service to our clients.

Kaisa Group will continuously anticipate China’s national development strategy and established a strong foothold in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
Mr. Edward Lau, Chief Financial Officer of Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd., expressed his gratitude to Quamnet for granting the “Outstanding Comprehensive Investment Group” award to Kaisa Group. As one of the top 30 large-scale integrated property developers in China, Kaisa started urban renewal business when the Group was founded. The Group has established a strong foothold in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Over the past 20 years of development, the Group has leveraged on the solid foundation of its core property development operation to develop a comprehensive “Real Estate +” business portfolio comprising diverse industrial operations in healthcare, technology, cultural tourism and other sectors. Going forward, Kaisa Group will continuously anticipate China’s national development strategy and actively participate in the development of China’s urbanization from multiple dimensions.

Kerry Logistics continues to enhance the service to accommodate the changing needs of customers
Alex Ng, Executive Director of Kerry Logistics, said, “We are grateful to Quamnet for its recognition of our constant dedication to excellence. To receive the Outstanding Global 3PL title for the third time is a great encouragement as we extend our international footprint across diverse regions. We will continue to enhance our service capabilities while growing our geographical coverage in order to accommodate the changing needs of our customers around the world.”

LF Logistics cover a range of key verticals to accelerate the business growth
LF Logistics (LFL) was awarded the Outstanding Asia-Pacific E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider. LFL is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Asia and manages over 250 distribution centers across 15 countries, providing both in-country logistics and global freight management services to its customers. LFL’s operations cover a range of key verticals, including Footwear & Apparel, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Beauty and Wellness, Consumer Electronics, and Healthcare. The ability of LFL to continue to delight its customers and become successful in the industry is founded on the three-pillar model that focuses on business development, account management and operations excellence. Our strategy guided by these three pillars combined with a focus on the fast-growing consumer markets of the Asian region continues to accelerate the business growth.

NCB focus on clients and provide in-depth integrated cross-border financial services
In 1982, NCB set up a branch in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which is the first foreign bank branch in the Mainland China after the foundation of People’s Republic of China. On 24 December 2007, NCB(China) was commenced to further expand NCB’s development in the Mainland. Headquartered in Shanghai, NCB(China) provides professional and quality products and services to customers with its network of 37 branches. On 30 May 2016, NCB officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Cinda Group (“Cinda Group”) with the underlying development strategy towards the future as: Leveraging the platform of Cinda Group, we fortify the development of traditional banking business with a focus on clients. Meanwhile, we establish a distinctive brand for cross-border financial business and big asset management business through highly-efficient collaboration in order to become a commercial banking group in Mainland China and Hong Kong – encompassing the qualities of integrated, international and modernized – with the capability to provide in-depth integrated cross-border financial services.

Negawatt breakthrough on A.I. technology allows us to perform true big data analysis for energy saving
Negawatt is very proud to be awarded the “Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards”. We are very excited to be the first start-up addressing building equipment optimization. Since than Negawatt has been the pioneer on energy saving through an innovative Holistic Engineering Statistical Cluster Trending Analysis and A.I. Multi-dimension Big Data Analysis.

We believe that conventional means of energy-saving like hardware replacement have been depleted. Negawatt breakthrough on A.I. technology allows us to perform true big data analysis on demand-side optimization. This high technology approach renders the building energy-saving target (40% reduction on energy intensity) set by the Government of HKSAR achievable. Negawatt has successfully helped 80 plus buildings to save up to 15% of chiller energy consumption in the past two years. Negawatt believes the next generation of energy-saving lies in optimization including the Retro-commissioning, and A.I. Big Data Analysis is the ultimate solution for energy saving. Negawatt will continue to strive, to seek and to find new saving opportunities and pledge our effort to a greener Earth. “Turn Megawatt into Negawatt.”

Redsun Properties develops with “Property + Commercial” dual-driver strategy
Redsun Properties Group Limited, a leading integrated property developer in China, was awarded Outstanding Grand Land Developer 2019. Redsun Properties is one of the few real estate companies in China that offers comprehensive urban renewal services. Its “Property + Commercial” dual-driver strategy and its unique high quality differentiated development has set solid foundation for the Group to implementits “penetrating Jiangsu, strengthening foothold in the Yangtze River Delta region and expanding into metropolitan areas” regional deployment strategy, while continuously exploring other dynamic key hub cities. Adhering to its core value philosophy of “keeping people-oriented and integrity-based”, the Group is principally engaged in property development and sales, commercial property investment and operations and hotel operations. The Group will continue to work hard in the future to take more social responsibility and create greater value for customers, shareholders, partners, government and the public.

XGD Media provides multiple advertising solutions for advertisers to reach different audiences
XGD Media is a leading digital outdoor media company specialising in innovative advertising spaces in the heart of Hong Kong. The company manages multiple digital and static billboards located in CBD areas across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Their prime billboard locations are spread across Central, Causeway Bay and Yau Tsim Mong District. XGD Media is well-known for its digital outdoor media technologies and offers one of a kind outdoor advertising capabilities to disrupt traditional advertising solutions. In the past few years, XGD Media committed to developing different digital outdoor media. Successfully gained support from many advertisers, XGD Media won the Outstanding Digital Outdoor Advertising Media 2019 award. The team in XGD Media will continue to search for a variety of advertising opportunities in the future, whether it is traditional large outdoor advertising spaces, digital billboards, or even the exterior walls of buildings with oil painting. In addition to continuing to expand the local advertising segment, the team also plans to expand its business to Southeast Asia, so that advertisers’ messages can be promoted outside Hong Kong to reach different audiences.

Yuexiu transport infrastructure presences in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and to advance in Central China
Yuexiu transport infrastructure limited (YXTI) is very honored to receive the award Outstanding Investment and Development of Infrastructure again. In the past year, YXTI has made steady progress in performance and its overall management situation is stable. We actively implemented the development strategy of “Presence in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and to advance in Central China”, successfully acquired three expressways in Hubei Province, and once again achieved leapfrog development. What’s more, the effectiveness of multi-channel financing is significant, further ensuring the sufficient capital demand and the liquidity safety of the company. Facing the complicated external conditions and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy in the future. Yuexiu Transport has a strong well on developments and confirming the opportunity. We actively pursue the modern investment model as the combination of asset-light and heavy-asset. Further, We aimed on constantly strengthening the management efficiency, targeting the accurate marketing, reducing the cost, and improving the efficiency in order to drive better profits for the stakeholders.

Grand ceremony supported by elites and medias
In addition to a strong lineup of guests, the award presentation ceremony attracted numerous media and sponsors both in Hong Kong and China.Media partners include Hong Kong Cable TV, Metro Daily, The Standard, p5w, Caiguu, FX678 and OTCBeta.

Supporting company and sponsors include R ONE Space, Adrien Gagnon, EyeCare HK, HKTaxi App Limited, IMPACT MINTS, Ingrid Millet, One Health International Limited, RS Lifestyle, etc.

Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2019 (Alphabetical Listing by Award Name)
Categories / Awarded Company
1. Outstanding China Real Estate Enterprise 2019 / Agile Group Holdings Limited
2. Outstanding Consultancy Of Immigration and Foreign Investment 2019 / Aura Global Limited
3. Outstanding Bond Connect Custody Services Institution 2019 / Bank of Communications Trustee Limited
4. Outstanding E-Business Service 2019 / China CITIC Bank International Limited
5. Outstanding Private Banking Service 2019 / China CITIC Bank International Private Banking
6. Outstanding MPF Scheme 2019 / China Life Trustees Limited
7. Outstanding Financial Services 2019 / China Minsheng Financial Holding Corporation Limited
8. Outstanding ICT Solution Provider 2019 / CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
9. Outstanding Enterprise Transaction Banking Services 2019 / Dah Sing Bank, Limited
10. Outstanding Insurance Company (General Insurance) 2019 / Dah Sing Insurance Company (1976) Limited
11. Outstanding Comprehensive Investment Group 2019 / Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd.
12. Outstanding Global 3PL 2019 / Kerry Logistics Network Limited
13. Outstanding Asia Pacific e-commerce Logistics Services Provider 2019 / LF Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited
14. Outstanding Institution Business Development 2019 / Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited
15. Outstanding Smart Building Technology 2019 / Negawatt Utility Limited
16. Outstanding Grand Land Developer 2019 / Redsun Properties Group Limited
17. Outstanding Digital Outdoor Advertising Media 2019 / XGD Media Limited
18. Outstanding Investment and Development of Infrastructure 2019 / Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited

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