Hangzhou FUZAMEI has launched ’33 Charity’, a shared blockchain platform for tracing information, registration and storage. The Company has also donated RMB 40,000 and purchased RMB 60,000 in medical materials for Hubei charity organizations, responding to the present epidemic.

As a blockchain innovater, FUZAMEI believes that transparent and open blockchain technology is the key to solving problems in the social trust system. Therefore, it has created shared blockchain system ’33 Charity’ Tracing Platform, to be used for information release, registration and storage.

’33 Charity’ Tracing Platform aims to coordinate various parties including charitable organizations by adopting blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of charitable cooperation, increase the transparency and credibility of charity, and contribute to improving the social trust.

’33 Charity’ Tracing Platform, Reshaping Social Trust System

With ’33 Charity’, donors and donees can issue demands on the chain in their own names. For example, hospitals can apply for CA certificates through identity authentication agencies to obtain signatures, so that donors can know the needs of the hospitals and avoid mistakes. At the same time, CA certificates can also be matched with various suppliers and logistics parties, making the whole donation process open.

Users register donor and volunteer data independently or according to authoritative announcement sources on the ’33 Charity’ Tracing Platform. ’33 Charity’ Tracing Platform allows each enterprise or individual to socialize their donations through the blockchain. It makes charity behavior open in the public, reshapes the social trust system and allows the spirit of charity to be passed along: the first step towards charity transparency.

FUZAMEI holds that the charity platform will also become an important tool for personal credit investigation in the future, such as citizen contributions, volunteer credits, blood donation certificates and other scenes, all of which can be mapped in the blockchain.

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