ERB224Tallinn, Estonia – (ACN Newswire) – ERB has attracted a $1 Billion investment from McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, and will begin to expand to other markets. Starting in Singapore, ERB will target markets in Thailand and Vietnam. McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, not widely known to the general public, establishes business partnerships with the world’s leading investment and government partners. However, the firm recently selected ERB as a major next-generation partner, and it is expected to continue expanding its base of investment for the general public.

Eom Meen, ERB Chairman
Eom Meen, ERB Chairman

ERB signed a PDG Financial Assurance Contract for $5 Billion with McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA in 2019. This contract created a liquidity supply platform based on the world’s first PDG (Project Default Guarantee) program. Companies and investors are concerned about liquidity crisis and seeking a safe investment environment. While many platforms connect them, there is still a risk of “default” because investors have no information about where to invest and remain unsure of whether they will lose investments at any time. If investments fail, the company goes bankrupt and ERB returns the investor’s investment principal back by running the PDG program. With this program, innovation of the financial market has begun. Investors are prepared to invest in the spirit of “low risk, high returns,” and ERB is of great help to many companies, small and medium-sized, suffering from financial shortages due recent global economic recessions.

The following are seven Q&A’s interviewed with ERB Chairman Eom Meen.

Q1. ERB is said to have its headquarters in Dubai. What is your future business scope?

We have established direct branches in over 50 countries around the world since moving the ERB headquarters from Estonia to Dubai. Today, and in the future, we look forward to doing business in countries all over the world. However, we have immediate plans to concentrate efforts in Asian markets.

Q2. Why did you consider Asia to be your priority business area?

I have talked a lot, and sympathized a lot about, ERB doing business with partners from China and other Asian countries for a long time. I have the same aims as my Chinese friends and colleagues, and so it would be possible to create a synergy effect while doing business for prolonged growth and impact.

Q3. What direction do you pursue in terms of business?

What I consider first and foremost is ‘trust’ and, ultimately, ‘win-win’. The scope of ‘win-win’ is not exclusively between us, but between the investor and the investment, and between the same investors. The traditional zero-sum structure is out of date. We can design structures that can be win-win with better technologies and creative designs, and we no longer have to take others’ things and put them in our pockets. We lead both the investor and the investment to the way of profit through the PDG program, and there is no need to play the zero-sum game where investors take or are taken away. A safe place to invest is not based on speculation, probability game or gambling luck, but a real investment to make a profit.

Q4. What are the processes and features of PDG program?

Let me think from the point of view of the investor and the project organizer. The investor’s investment is provided to the project organizer’s project funds through ERB. If a business is successful, as everyone knows, everyone is happy to make money. But what if it fails? The project organizer tries to avoid the responsibility and the investor loses valuable money.

With ERB, it will never happen. When a project fails, we run ERB’s PDG program and return the investment principal back to the investor. We can give them a chance to try again by reviewing the progress and growth of the project.

Q5. If ERB runs the PDG program, may it lose money?

In fragments, it may seem so. However, it is not so. Our spending is an investment to attract new investors. Some investors may question whether they can get their investment back. If the investment goes to the investors through the PDG program, doubt will turn to conviction and develop into trust with ERB. I know the power of trust well. The investment platform trusted by the investor will be of absolute success. One or two small investors lead to large investors, and with large investors come global funds and the funds of government agencies seeking safe places to invest. As investments gather more and give greater guarantees, we will work to create a new investment ecosystem so investors cannot think of investment outside of ERB.

Q6. How was PDG funded?

McKINLEY Investment LLC, USA saw our platform, signed a PDG Financial Assurance Contract to increase the first $5 Billion to the final $20 Billion, deposited cash $5 Billion, and sent a Proof of Fund (POF). It took less than 10 days for this series of procedures to execute. They had a perfect understanding of our platform, even though it was a short time.

Son Masayoshi decided to invest $30 million in less than six minutes after Ma Yun began briefing on Alibaba, and he earned more than 4,000 times the Alibaba investment. McKINLEY, an investment company with decades of investment experience and success, has played a significant role in the growth and innovation of ERB.

Q7. What orientation does the ERO Platform have?

What the ERO Platform seeks is humanism. We will provide liquid funds to companies regardless of their credit ratings by considering innovativeness, future orientation, social contribution, and project growth value to support success for them and their projects. We are planning to establish a new standard in the international financial market by forming a virtuous circular investment environment of ‘low risk, high return’, and the consistent exercise of good influence.


Evita Yoon