Mainetti Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) – M-care, which will be available to all customers to support them in mitigating the risks of COVID-19. Hong Kong will also serve as a regional distribution hub for all of its clients, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery as the world combats the pandemic.

The M-care product range features a “Made in Hong Kong” disposal mask, manufactured to EN14683 Type IIR and ASTM F2100 Level 2 standards – the quality specifications required by most global hospital organizations, ensuring that “Made in Hong Kong” continues to be associated with high product quality. The M-care suite of PPE products also includes anti-bacteria mask folders, protective gloves, safety goggles, gowns and hand sanitizers. Reusable masks and hi-tech smart devices such as portable air purifiers will be added to the range later this year.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Mainetti has been providing PPE to medical staff on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, as well as those in need, distributing masks, gloves and other essential gears to NGOs, food banks and hospitals in Italy, Spain, UK and Hong Kong, leveraging its global supply chain and global client network.

Roberto Peruzzo, CEO of Mainetti Group, said, “As the world adapts to a rapidly changing landscape due to the spread of COVID-19, Mainetti is working closely with our business partners within our global supply chain to minimize disruption and to navigate challenges. Our people are our most valuable asset and caring for our community is of critical importance to our group. In response to COVID-19, we have worked with local communities in Italy and Spain, as well as with charity partners and other relief organisations to supply PPE to healthcare professionals and those in need.”

Paul Tai, Global Head of M-care and Regional Director of Mainetti said, “As global businesses re-commence operations, having readily-available and high-quality PPE will be essential for staving off the return of COVID-19. M-care is well placed to meet this growing demand. Together, we will beat the virus.”

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