Nili Method (, the easy, natural, and safe way to conceive the baby gender that parents wish for, with its new Family Planner, is now available at Google Play and App Store. Determining the gender of your baby is possible, and now, with the Nili method and new App, it is more accessible than ever.

Nili is a method that personalizes a unique day by day program for couples who want to conceive the gender they are wishing for. The personal Nili Family Planner is based on physical parameters and lifestyle, and will provide couples with daily instruction on how to conceive their desired baby boy or baby girl.

Family planning is one of the most significant decisions in life. The Nili Family Planner assists couples on this journey and supports them in the choice of the natural way. Thanks to latest technology, with an accumulation of world best research performed by physicians around the world, it is no longer required to go through a tiresome and expensive process.

And the Nili method and the new Nili Family Planner offer a full money back guarantee. Couples that use the Nili Family Planner and do not conceive their desired gender will receive their money back, without any questions. We have already helped thousands of people all over the world. And now it’s your turn to make your dream come true.

People that had doubts beforehand are happy parents today. They follow our gender selection program and give birth to a child of their wished gender. We are so sure about the results that we say, If the method doesn’t work with you, we’ll return your money. It is reliable, affordable and easy to use. So, why not try?

Contact: Jeniffer Hamilton