BitDeer, the leading cryptocurrency mining and cloud services provider, is launching presales of its flagship product, Antbox, a mobile crypto mining farm. Antbox, also known as Deerbox, is the first of its kind, a plug-and-play mobile mining farm with low energy consumption, and at the same time practical.

The Antbox enables customers to set up a fully equipped mining business in half the time of a traditional mining farm and at approximately 50% of the cost.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, we’ve seen increased interest in becoming a miner. However, the days of running Bitcoin mining software on a Personal Computer have long gone. As mining becomes more competitive, finding Bitcoin blocks has only been feasible for professional miners.

To start a mining business, owners will spend months looking for a suitable venue and an even longer time building up the farm with specialized mining hardware. What if there was a way to make mining equipment mobile so that users could assemble it wherever they wanted, like LEGO?

The Antbox is a container mining farm that is activated once connected to power and the internet. A single Antbox unit takes up about 20 square meters of space, with the ability to host up to 180 Antminer S19 units. It can be adapted to different markets and electricity standards ranging from the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and North America. Having an Antbox means people can have a professional mining farm operating in their backyard after connecting power and the internet. Customers can also combine multiple Antbox units, stacking them together to scale the size of the farm and achieve a higher hash rate. Antbox was originally a Bitmain product but allocated to BitDeer after the company was restructured.

The concept of operating a mobile mining farm has decreased the build time to 4 months – from purchasing equipment to being fully operational, which is nearly half the time of constructing a traditional mining farm. Based on previous experience, building a mining farm takes approximately 7 months in North America provided that suppliers are reliable and environmental regulations are met. Additionally, the cost of starting a mining business has been greatly reduced by using Antbox. With conventional methods of hosting equipment it costs between $250,000-$350,000 per megawatt but with Antbox this can be reduced by 50% to $160,000-$180,000 per megawatt.

Antbox is built on the premise of sustainability. The structural, ventilation and lighting design are all environmentally friendly. The farm does not rely on fans for ventilation, only shutters that are able to adjust the temperature automatically. LED lighting is used to lower electricity consumption.

Advantages of choosing Antbox, the leading mobile mining container, include high compatibility with Antminers and other brands, high levels of security with CCC/cULus verification and advanced fire prevention design. BitDeer has devoted manpower and efforts to provide future Antbox upgrades and capacity enhancements. Antbox is widely used for BitDeer’s self-operated mining farms. Their farm in Norway is completely comprised of Antbox units.

In light of recent changes to crypto mining regulations in China, Chinese miners are looking to migrate their farms overseas and the demand for mobile farms increased significantly as a result. BitDeer is therefore offering this presale. Buyers can register their interests now to participate in the presale.

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