Every crisis has some positive takeaway. Every challenge can lead to an innovative solution that can be a benchmark. Entrepreneurs and especially the MSME entrepreneurs hold great importance because of the great spark they possess. The spark to exceed and the spark to change their own levels, and influence their respective ecosystems.

In 2017, a United Nations resolution was passed acknowledging the importance of encouraging formalisation of the MSME segment that accounts for over 90% of all firms globally, around 70% of total employment. The UN also announced June 27th as the International or World MSME Day. A program titled ‘Enhancing National Capacities for Unleashing Full Potentials of MSMEs in Achieving the SDGs in Developing Countries’ was launched at that time. This program is conceived and operates under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Sub-Fund of the United Nations Peace and Development Fund.

As SMEStreet, we are working on the aspect of MSME development from the Indian sub-continent since 2014.

At the World MSME Day 2021, we at SMEStreet Foundation are feeling honoured to congratulate this spark of MSME entrepreneurs and their willpower to change their state of things. Our ongoing MSME Outreach, Understanding & Education program of SMEStreet GameChangers Forum which was announced recently is moving in the right direction of showcasing opportunities to MSMEs, highlighting contemporary trends, raising concerns over aspects that are impacting the business growth. The program was launched on June 15th with great participation and support from the Ministry of MSME and private institutions such as the Wadhwani Foundation.

The SMEStreet GameChangers Forum is inviting MSMEs to join hands and participate in it so that a business can experience progress in a collaborative manner. After the great inaugural session on June 15th, in which Union MSME Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari himself delivered a keynote and made a real game-changing announcement of the revised MSME Registration process. The Secretary of Ministery of MSME, Shri BB Swain presented his perspective for MSME development in the country in the Inaugural session of SMEStreet GameChangers Forum. The journey ahead is looking eventful.

Based on the feedback of MSMEs here are the set of activities that SMEStreet Foundation will be conducting following set activities:
– MSME Educative Webinars With Banking & Finance, Technology Experts
– Global Opportunities Showcase with International Stakeholders
– National Level MSME Outreach Connect Study Report To Understand the Status of Healthcare Security among MSMEs (Entrepreneurs & MSME Employees)
– National Level MSME Study Report on Digital Adoption of Indian MSMEs
– MSME Outlook Report on Tech Landscape of Indian MSMEs
– Conversations on MSME Motivation
– Role of MSMEs in Building the New Age EV Landscape of India
– MSMEs in Smart Mobility: Featuring Smart Mobility, Advance Transport, Fintech
– Featuring Sector Wise Opportunities & Challenges for MSMEs in Textiles &Garments Manufacturing/Food Processing Sector/Healthcare/Manufacturing
– Also, SMEStreet is working on creating a skill development initiative that will be aimed to add value for MSMEs and their potential workforce.

SMEStreet Foundation is also inviting MSMEs and stakeholders of the entire ecosystem to become members of SMEStreet Foundation and become the catalysts for bringing a much needed positive change.

“With a firm belief that collaboration and a collaborative approach can drive sustainable economic growth for MSMEs, we are working on various areas of knowledge sharing. Because Knowledge and networking play a very crucial role in making MSMEs escalate to higher levels,” says Faiz Askari, Secretary-General & Founder of SMEStreet Foundation.

GameChangers Forum is an extension of SMEStreet Foundation’s awards recognition initiative by the name of SMEStreet GameChangers Awards. This initiative was started in 2020 after the Pandemic outbreak. This awards initiative is still on and the list of awardees who have made a significant contribution in the field of MSME Development is soon going to get announced for 2021 as well.

In the era of the COVID Pandemic, we have witnessed the scale of this crisis. As a media platform, we realized the importance of motivating those Game Changers who paved this phase with their dedication and professional acumen in emerging as a winner for their organization, society or their business ecosystem.

SMEStreet GameChangers is also an attempt to recognize such individual success stories who have made a significant impact in their respective horizons of business.
With this, we would like to congratulate the entire ecosystem of MSMEs on a great year ahead on this World MSME Day, 2021.