China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (the Company, HKG: 476, together with its subsidiaries, collectively China Dynamics or the Group), which provides new energy vehicles and technology integrated solutions, has changed the name of the Company from China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited to Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited to better reflect the current status of the Group’s business development and its direction of future development.

Mr. Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of Ev Dynamics, said, “The Group is to globalize its electric vehicles to world markets, including and not limited to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and South America. Through the dynamic environment of pure electric vehicle development, it is also the Group’s aim to become an environmentally-friendly enterprise. We believe that the new name can provide the Company with a more appropriate corporate image and identity which will benefit the Group’s business development.”

The stock short name of the Company for trading in the shares on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited will be changed from “CH DYNAMICS” to “EV DYNAMICS” in English with effect from 27 July 2021.

About Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (HKG: 476)

Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited is a pioneer and a prominent player in China’s new energy commercial vehicles market, as well as a whole-vehicle manufacturer of specialty passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles. It is an integrated driving and logistics solutions provider with a solid technological foundation in diverse areas including a new energy platform power system and its key components. The Group has a production base in Chongqing and it has developed its sales network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, and South America.

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