The 5th Brasil Investment Forum (BIF 2022), the largest foreign investment forum in Latin America jointly organized by Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), Inter-American Development Bank and the Federal Government of Brazil, concluded successfully on 15 June 2022. During the forum, heavyweight speakers shared views on a range of topics, discussed the business environment and opportunities in Brazil, and promoted a number of high-quality investments.

BIF 2022 has achieved huge success with various record-breaking figures this year. The forum has attracted and presented 157 investment projects with an estimated investment value of USD66.4 billion, expecting to create 200,000 direct and indirect job opportunities in Brasil. The investment projects are mainly in transportation and infrastructure sectors, namely airports, railways, highways, ports, oil and gas, and energy. Among which, investors showed the strongest interest in the railway market, 61 railway projects with a total investment value of US$31.81 billion were presented during the forum. The second most popular sector was the road market. The contract value of the road projects reached USD 22.2 billion with the construction of 14,383 kilometers of roads. Moreover, 63 projects in the airport sector worth UDS9.1 billion, 2 transmission auction projects in the energy sector worth USD3.2 billion and 2 exploration projects in oil and gas sector worth USD246 million were presented during BIF 2022.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BIF 2022 adopted the online-offline hybrid format for the first time, however, the number of attendees this year exceeded 5,000, beating its historical records. 800 entrepreneurs and executives from 61 countries participated the forum at the World Trade Center of Sao Paulo, and over 4,000 potential investors from 100 countries participated online, totaling more than 5,000 attendees. The forum brought together over 350 representatives of the Brazilian federal and state governments as well as the CEOs of leading multinationals for 19 keynote speeches and discussions over the two consecutive days, covering a variety of hot topics including the latest business environment in Brazil, innovative business models, equity investment initiatives, and movements in global value chains.

According to Augusto Pestana, president of ApexBrasil, the business environment in Brazil has been improving in an unprecedented magnitude, providing conditions for the entrepreneur to multiply his business, transforming the expansion into more goods and services, new products, and more jobs and income for millions of Brazilians.

“Brazil is a country that modernizes itself and opens itself to the world with pragmatism and courage, a country that seeks the best standards and practices, as is well demonstrated by the beginning of our OECD entry process,” said Pestana.