Indian investment firm Catamaran names new chairman, president

M.D. Ranganath Catamaran
M.D. Ranganath

Investment firm Catamaran has announced the appointment of M.D. Ranganath as its chairman and Deepak Padaki as its president.

As a President of the firm for the last three years, Ranganath was instrumental in creating a strong foundation for growth of the firm’s investments and their performance.

Padaki, meanwhile, will be responsible for driving the firm’s investment management strategy in its mission to nurture ideas from entrepreneurs into impactful business outcomes.

Padaki has 30 years of experience in the global IT services and software product industry, having played various roles in strategy, M&A venture funding, and risk management.

“I am delighted on the appointment of Ranganath as Chairman. He has helped the firm grow faster and emerge stronger as a key player in the market over the last few years,” said Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman Emeritus.

“I am also very pleased to welcome Deepak. Catamaran will benefit from his experience and leadership as it prepares to scale in this next phase of its journey,” he added.

Catamaran is a multi-billion-dollar investment firm, headquartered in Bangalore, India. It is a stage-agnostic catalyst for creating and growing innovative enterprises. The firm invests in diversified asset classes globally.