Driven by the brand promise of “Think beyond insurance.”, FTLife Insurance Company Limited (FTLife) announces the grand opening of its iconic “FTLife Tower” in Metaverse METG. Visitors can fully immerse in the rich 3D simulations anywhere, anytime to know more about the thriving ecosystem of New World Group, FTLife and the industry development. This is another market-leading breakthrough following the launch of its new concept centre “The GalaMuse” at K11 ATELIER last month. The virtual tower aims to provide our Life Artisans, customers and potential recruits with an interactive environment filled with fun and boundless creativity.

FTLife Chief Agency Officer Dionne So said, “FTLife believes the virtual world of the Metaverse will be one of the most transformative tech trends in the future. Building our long-term signature stronghold in the Metaverse with the start-up Advokate Limited (Advokate) manifests FTLife’s aspiration to embrace the younger generations in a new way. We will organise both online and offline activities simultaneously without paying much heed to such limitations as time, space and number of attendants, facilitating efficient use of resources for training and development and enhancing the company’s sustainable development.”

The decors of the virtual FTLife Tower in Metaverse METG is similar to the newly opened concept centre “The GalaMuse”. Visitors can explore the virtual tower with a virtual identity (Avatar) and even interact with FTLife management, who will be present from time to time using the custom-made avatars.

The four thematic zones on the ground floor of the two-storey virtual FTLife Tower include:

1) Competitive advantages of New World Group: Introducing NWD’s vision to provide infinite opportunities for the next generations by unlocking creativity with social innovation and aligning business outcomes with social development to create shared value for all stakeholders.

2) Why FTLife: Leveraging the diversified business ecosystem of New World Group, FTLife assumes the role of “Life Artisan” of our valued customers, providing comprehensive protection to meet their needs at different stages of life, helping them lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

3) Join FTLife for unrivaled career opportunities: The “LEAP & Beyond” program launched by FTLife aims to attract talented financial planning professionals and groom them into the future leaders of the finance and insurance industries. The “KU Power” platform supports young people to create values and realise their dreams.

4) Professional training to unleash potential: FTLife adopts a holistic and seamless approach to talent recruitment, training, and development in line with our long-term corporate strategy. Tailor-made training programmes are in place to cater for the different aspirations of our people. In addition to physical visits to the New World Group, we also introduce advanced technologies such as AI Drill and VR Training to enhance professional skills and knowledge.

On the rooftop of the virtual tower, various conference spaces are set up for seminars and group discussion, and FTLife flagship products and numerous accolades are showcased.

Gordon Kwok, Founder of Advokate, the blockchain technology company said: “We are very honoured that FTLife has chosen us as their Metaverse partner, and invested in one of the most important pieces of land and set up its iconic virtual FTLife Tower. Sharing similar vision with FTLife, we focus on innovation and aiming to provide the best products. Advokate tailored the virtual FTLife Tower at Metaverse METG with unique characteristics which include high visual quality, customization and diversified interactions. Visitors can enjoy a fun-filled interactive experience using an Avatar and a variety of styles are available.”

To view the short film of the virtual FTLife Tower:

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FTLife Insurance Company Limited (FTLife) is one of the most well-established life insurance companies in Hong Kong and a wholly-owned subsidiary of NWS Holdings Limited (HKG: 659). Building on a history of more than 30 years in the territory, FTLife provides individual and institutional clients with a diverse range of insurance and wealth management products and services, including life, health, accident, savings and investment insurance. As a member of New World Group, FTLife works with diversified businesses within the Group to create synergies and provides customers with best-in-class life-planning solutions, from wealth management and succession to health, wellbeing and quality of life enhancement.

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