From August 16 to 18, 2022, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, ApexBrasil, honorably participated in the 28th Interwine China International Wine Exhibition (Interwine), a national mega-scale imported wine and spirits professional exhibition held in Guangzhou. In this exhibition, a total of 9 well-known brand wine merchants from Brazil participated to exhibit high-quality Brazilian wines to China, which not only deepened and consolidated the wine industry connection between China and Brazil, but also further expanded Brazilian brand wines into the booming wine market in China.

Following SIAL, CIIE, Prowine and other exhibitions, Brazil’s participation in Interwine is to consolidate its image as a trading partner of China. Brazil has set up an exhibition hall in this event. In addition to exhibiting the potential of the country’s wines sector to attract investment, wines, sparkling wines, grape juices and other products have also been exhibited for tasting and using by the Brazilian wines and spirits masterclass, comprehensively interpreting the unique flavor of Brazilian wines. The exhibitors took this opportunity to face the Chinese market directly and establish a closer connection with consumers to lay a solid foundation for future development in China. The well-known brand wine merchants participated in the exhibition includes Aurora, Distillerie Stock do Brasil, Casa Perini, Sociedade de Bebidas Mioranza, Vinhos Salton, Miolo Wine Group, CRS Brands, Nova Alianca and Vivant Winery.

With most of its territory located in tropical areas and special geographical locations of wine-making areas, the wines produced in Brazil are unique in personality. The lecture in Brazilian wine and spirits masterclass was given by Terry He, a senior lecturer of French CAFA-Wine School, China branch and the founder of Southern Slope Bar & Store. In the masterclass, Terry He not only introduced the history of Brazilian wines, characteristics of wine-making areas, opportunities in the Chinese market, and differences between Brazilian wines, Chilean wines and Argentine wines, but also led the guests to see the elegant demeanor of Brazilian wines. By tasting 9 kinds of Brazilian wines and spirits, all guests in the class directly experienced the Brazilian culture and vintage wines.

To offer the guests a further experience, a reception dinner was held after the exhibition, inaugurated by the Consulate General of Brazil in Guangzhou and the ApexBrasil. The Uniao Brasileira De Vitivinicultura (UVIBRA) introduced the production of Brazilian wines during the dinner, followed by individual demonstrations by the exhibitors one by one, presenting the rich and varied characteristics of Brazilian wines. At the same time, a passionate and unrestrained traditional samba dance performance, jointly arranged by the ApexBrasil and the UVIBRA, allowed the guests to taste the wine products brought by the exhibitors accompany with samba customs, and fully experience the enthusiasm and vitality of the Brazilian wines and spirits industry.

Rodrigo Gedeon de Melo, the Chief Operating Officer of ApexBrasil, said, “It is our great pride to have the agreement with UVIBRA since last year that together we will promote the wine products abroad and expand our presence in priority markets including China. Brazilian wine products have been exported to 53 countries and have received various awards and certificates, well received by the markets of these countries. The Brazilian wine industry is ready to expand and reinforce the internationalization of wines, sparking wines and grape juices from the Brazilian companies. When the industry is ready, ApexBrasil stands ready for the promotional activities to help the Brazilian wine industry better seize the opportunities in oversea markets, and today’s Interwine Guangzhou is one of the examples.”