5 Reasons Why Buying Sustainable Jewellery is Good for the Environment


The jewellery you wear is more than just a piece of decoration. It also signals a lot about your personality and style. When it comes to fashion, trends are constantly changing and generating new ideas that impact the world of clothing and accessories. Sustainability has become a key concern among consumers because of its significant impact on the environment. With the number of big names investing in green initiatives, it’s no surprise that sustainable products are becoming more popular in general. In this article, we’ll take you through 5 reasons why buying sustainable jewellery is good for the environment, and how you can be part of this growing trend.

The Environmental Impact of Mining Gemstones

There are many beautiful and precious stones used to make jewellery. Some of the most common stones that are mined from the earth include diamonds, turquoise, and jade. Unfortunately, mining precious stones can cause a lot of environmental damage, like:

  • Habitat Loss and Species Extinction:When a natural habitat is cleared to make room for a mine, many animals and plants lose their homes and become endangered. Additionally, the noise and toxic chemicals emitted from the mining process can negatively impact surrounding wildlife.
  • Water Contamination:In order to access gemstones, miners need to dig deep underground where aquifers are often located. This can cause the contamination of drinking water and nearby rivers.
  • Carbon Emissions: The mining process produces a significant amount of carbon emissions. This is a major contributor to global warming and environmental pollution.

1. Lower Carbon Emissions

As we’ve already mentioned, carbon dioxide is a leading cause of climate change. The production of jewellery frequently uses a lot of energy, which results in high carbon emissions. Many jewellery brands like the ones curated by Vipop have started to use recycled and locally sourced materials that generate low carbon emissions and reduce carbon footprint. These make them an eco-friendly choice.

2. Support Local Brands

Buying jewellery made in your country is a way to support local businesses and keep the money in your community. Local brands often care about the community and are more likely to use eco-friendly materials. When you buy jewellery made in your own country, you can make sure that it meets the labour laws and doesn’t use child workers. It also shortens the distance the jewellery has to travel reach you.

3. Better for Fair and Ethical Trade

It’s difficult to know if the people making your jewellery are being treated fairly and with respect. When buying jewellery from a big brand, it’s sometimes hard to figure out where the diamonds or gemstones come from. By buying jewellery that is ethically sourced, you can be sure that no workers were exploited or forced to work under dangerous conditions.

4. Less Waste is Generated

Hazardous chemicals used in gemstone mining pose a major concern. Mercury and cyanide are widely used and pollute the air and water. Many sustainable jewellery brands tend to use eco-friendly and recycled materials to produce a unique piece of jewellery, with the result that wastes generated from the manufacturing can be reduced.

Also, you also buy the packaging when purchasing jewellery and it’s a huge waste of money. A lot of jewellery is sold in a packaging that is either made of plastic or cardboard. Unfortunately, these materials can’t be reused or recycled. In fact, most of it ends up in a garbage dump. This is a shame because you’ve just purchased a nice product, and it’s now in a container that will be thrown away. Meanwhile, you could have bought jewellery that is already packaged in a recycling-friendly container. This means that you’ve got a product that’s good-looking and sustainable.

5. Unique Design and Creations

If you buy diamonds from a company that mines them, the diamonds are already set in a ring. However, when you buy ethically sourced jewellery, it gives artists a chance to create something new and amazing. This makes your purchase truly special. Now you know the benefits of buying sustainable jewellery, why not try it out for yourself? This way, you can help the planet with unique design that would perfectly match with your ethical wardrobe.


Along with being original and unique, buying sustainable jewellery is a right choice to make a positive impact on the environment and human race.