Environmental issues and climate change get increasingly highlighted as nature declines at unprecedented speed and level. Continuous innovations and mass movements become necessary to soften impacts from the crises.

Korindo Group acknowledges the need to transform into a more environmentally-friendly company by creating breakthroughs in its various business units. An example of this is Cibubur Square Rest Area, with which the company tries to alleviate organic waste dumping issues. Operated by Korindo Group, the public facility includes a bioconversion waste processing plant with BSF (Black Soldier Flies) as its biological agent.

“Poor food waste management practices remain prevalent in many places, and these practices bring negative long-term impacts to nature and human health. That is why we built this facility,” said Seo Jeongsik, Korindo Foundation’s General Secretary.

Aside from being environmentally beneficial, the bioconversion process is relatively safe for the surrounding area and community. Of all 800 fly species on earth, the Black Soldier Fly stands out for its non-pathogenic nature and the absence of disease agents.

This project marks the foundation’s second collaboration with Forest For Life Indonesia (FFLI). In 2018, they built a similar plant in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

For years, Korindo Group has strived to be more eco-friendly, especially in developing its businesses. Its Paper Division has been awarded as an environmentally-friendly paper producer by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), due to its use of recycled product.

As we know, recycling is one of the ways to solve environmental problems caused by deforestation. Yet, despite using recycled material, Korindo Group pays attention to product quality by upholding ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Korindo’s Paper Division is one of the largest newsprint suppliers in Southeast Asia. Its mill is provided with DIP (Deinked Pulp) and paper machines with a total capacity of 330,000 MT per year. Boasting such a large capacity, the Division partners with a number of esteemed media companies, both domestic and abroad (Japan, United States, European countries).

Korindo Group is also the region’s only wind tower manufacturer, with more than 50 years of operation. The wind towers help industries generate environmentally-safe renewable energy.

The factory has a production capacity of 500 towers per year, and received certification for ISO 14001:2000, ISO 9001:2000, and The National Board of Boiler & Pressure vessel DIN 18800-7 Class E Japan H-Grade. Today, over 3,000 towers (6 gigawatt) have been created and delivered around the world.

Korindo Group, a leader across multiple industries in the South East Asian market, have a lot to be proud of. Over our 50 years of operation, we’ve built up our business by making a significant contribution to the country’s economic development while simultaneously upholding environmentally friendly, future-oriented practices.

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