Today, at the margins of the U.S. Africa Financial Inclusion Conference sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), Brij Technologies, Inc. unveiled Paybills.Africa. The platform seamlessly connects Africa’s merchants globally, allowing customers to settle bills from anywhere in the world with one-touch ease on its web or mobile app and with bank-grade security. PayBills.Africa allows payers to settle their bills directly with merchants.

Brij Technologies CEO Nicholas Koros (Right) and Digital Credit Management Country Manager Nicolas Saint Remy

“Whether paying bills or requesting payments, everything is settled in your localized African currency,” said Nicholas Koros, CEO of Brij Technologies, a U.S.-based company with an operational headquarters in Nairobi. “We achieve this via our proprietary technology that enables real-time local currency settlement.”

It is worth noting that Flutterwave, a U.S. company with operational headquarters in Nigeria, is one of the primary payment processors for Paybills.Africa.

The Brij platform allows for the integration of services with banks, fintech, and other telecommunications providers. In this vein, Brij was pleased to announce a partnership with Digital Credit Management LTD (DCM), which has operations in West Africa and offers a unique nano lending product.

DCM is established in Ghana as a licensed Enhanced Payment Service Provider by the Bank of Ghana. It has agreements with Telecom operators, including Airteltigo and Vodafone, which grants DCM access to over 3 million mobile money subscribers’ data. It is owned by Direct Credit Management LLC, a U.S.-based investment firm.

In this relationship, DCM will provide Brij with access to its digital lending platform and payment services in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, while Brij offers DCM exposure to their country operations, most notably in West and East Africa. “This relationship further reflects and solidifies our shared commitment towards solving unique problems in Africa,” said Koros.

“DCM creates digital profiles for those who do not have access to modern-day financial systems. We are excited to expand the scope of our operations across the continent through our partnership with Brij, which shares our vision,” commented Mr. Pierre Liautaud, CEO of Direct Credit Management LLC.

In closing, Mr. Koros said, “We are grateful to the USTDA for convening the U.S. Africa Financial Inclusion Conference and for its leadership in connecting the regulators and innovators driving Africa’s digital transformation.”

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Brij Technologies, Inc (Brij) is a U.S. registered firm with a mission to create digital infrastructure to connect African nations and break down barriers to cross-border trade and investment. It specializes in consumer aggregation and financial intermediation (cross-border bill payment and International Money Transfer Operator (IMTO) services), powered by a broad range of digital financial service (DFS) products.

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