Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: STBX), a dynamic player in cash rebates, digital advertising, and payment solutions, with a vision of leading in artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions throughout Southeast Asia, is making waves with the launch of its groundbreaking StarboxAI – ViPro module. This innovative module introduces a text-to-video feature set to redefine content creation.

The Text-to-Video feature within the StarboxAI – ViPro module is not just an addition; it’s a revelation. It empowers content creators to seamlessly transmute textual instructions or scripts into captivating video content, fundamentally transforming the content creation landscape.

This transformative technology doesn’t just make things easier; it unlocks a world of possibilities. With the ability to swiftly convert text into visually engaging videos, content creators now have access to a wealth of short video content at their fingertips. This efficiency drastically reduces the time required for video production, making it the go-to tool for the fast-paced world of social media content.

The integration of the StarboxAI – ViPro module into existing production workflows is built to be seamless, facilitating the generation of a wide array of promotional videos. In essence, it allows for the maintenance of an active social media presence with engaging content, all achieved in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

The StarboxAI – ViPro module marks a significant leap forward in video content creation. By seamlessly integrating text-to-video conversion into established workflows, not just simplifying video production but making content creation more accessible and efficient. This feature underscores Starbox’s ability to help creatures effortlessly craft captivating video content.

About Starbox Group Holdings Ltd.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. is a technology-driven, rapidly growing company with innovation as its focus. Starbox is aiming to be a comprehensive AI solutions provider within Southeast Asia and also engages in building a cash rebate, digital advertising, and payment solution business ecosystem targeting micro, small, and medium enterprises that lack the bandwidth to develop an in-house data management system for effective marketing. The Company connects retail merchants with retail shoppers to facilitate transactions through cash rebates offered by retail merchants on its GETBATS website and mobile app. The Company provides digital advertising services to advertisers through its SEEBATS website and mobile app, GETBATS website and mobile app and social media. The Company also provides payment solution services to merchants. For more information, please visit the Company’s website:

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