Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr George Yeo paid tribute to 103-year-old Captain Ho Weng Toh, who he described “as a man with a strong sense of moral purpose”. Captain Ho is one of the last survivors of the “Flying Tigers”, comprising of a group of volunteer American and overseas Chinese pilots who fought against the Japanese in World War II.

Ribbon Cutting Flying Tiger Short Film George Yeo, Philip Von Wulffen, Shervin Pishervar, Ivan Lew Decode Global, Singapore Airlines

More than 100 guests celebrated Captain Ho’s accomplishments at A Last Parade of the Flying Tigers. It also marked the commencement of the production of a short film based on his life, co-sponsored by Decode Group and Singapore’s IMDA.

Decode Group is honoured to sponsor this milestone event, as Captain Ho is an exemplary figure and his spirit of resilience should be remembered for generations. “Sponsoring this event reflects Decode’s dedication to making a positive impact in our community. We believe the short film will allow the younger generation to reflect on Ho’s values and inspire them to continue pursuing their dreams bravely and with pride. For Decode, we affirm our commitment to building a stronger financial future together with our partners and clients,” said Mr. Ivan Lew, CEO of Decode Global Capital.

Captain Quay Chew Eng, former Senior VP of Singapore Airlines, commended that “Captain Ho’s accomplishment contributed immensely to the success of Singapore Airlines. His reputation as the Chief Pilot of the 737 fleet preceded him and he was deeply admired.”

The Flying Tigers are revered in China for their heroic efforts to defend China. “I feel really honoured that Decode and the organisers are letting the people of Singapore know what we have achieved in the past,” acknowledged Captain Ho.

Captain Ho attributed his survival in the war to “tenacity in the face of adversity”. The Family Office Symposium discussed how this value is especially relevant to the private wealth industry today. Mr. George Yeo shared how the financial industry can navigate the future with resilience amidst heightened tensions between nations such as U.S.-China and Russia-Ukraine. He posed some thought-provoking considerations for family offices when making investment decisions. “Does it lead to a positive sum? Does it make human life fuller and more abundant or does it take away from us?”

Speakers at the symposium included international speakers including Mr. Ivan Lew, CEO of Decode Global Capital, Mr. Philip Von Wullfen, co-head of JAB Consumer Fund and Mr. Shervin Pishevar, a super angel investor named by the FORBES Midas List.

The event is co-organised and supported by Decode Group, Grid Synergy, the Family Office Alliance and Singapore Airlines.

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