AMODA, a property and construction technology startup based in Indonesia, has successfully secured seed funding co-led by East Ventures and Living Lab Ventures.

This investment round comes on the heels of their pre-seed funding in 2022 and is set to bolster AMODA’s product development, technological advancements, and operational capabilities.

Robin Yovianto, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AMODA, expressed his excitement about this significant milestone, saying, “With the support of our valued investors, this seed funding round will propel us forward as we continue to revolutionize Indonesia’s property and construction landscape. We are confident in our mission to create innovative, adaptable, and environmentally friendly spaces that empower businesses and individuals.”

Founded by Robin Yovianto and Agusti Salman Farizi, AMODA is on a mission to transform the property and construction industry in Indonesia. The challenges in this sector have long revolved around traditional methods that lead to low productivity rates and a lack of transparency, resulting in inefficiencies, wasted resources, and significant carbon footprints.

AMODA is tackling these issues head-on by incorporating digital technology into the construction process. This innovative approach has resulted in hassle-free, cost-effective, and time-efficient construction experiences and solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses in Indonesia, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to high-growth and large enterprises.

To ensure a transparent and trackable experience, AMODA provides a comprehensive dashboard that offers detailed information about pricing, construction progress, and leasing. Moreover, AMODA is committed to delivering results on time and ensures that all products and properties undergo multi-layer inspections before being handed over to clients.

AMODA’s buildings prioritize efficiency and adaptability, enabling easy relocation and expansion to suit specific needs. This flexibility has empowered clients, allowing them to experiment and change locations during the initial phases of their business ventures. Furthermore, AMODA’s eco-conscious approach, characterized by efficient material usage, contributes to lower carbon emissions, making the construction process environmentally friendly.

Since its establishment in October 2021, AMODA has demonstrated impressive growth, with at least a 4x increase in revenue year over year. The company has expanded its operations, managing a portfolio of over 200 construction assets and collaborating with more than 50 contractor partners nationwide, along with engagement with over 30 landowners.

AMODA has formed enduring partnerships with over 60 businesses and private users, helping them overcome construction challenges and providing a streamlined and worry-free construction experience.

Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures, expressed confidence in AMODA’s vision, stating, “This investment reflects our belief in their vision to transform and redefine Indonesia’s property and construction sector.” Bayu Seto, Partner at Living Lab Ventures, emphasized the immense potential of AMODA’s transformative power.

As of now, AMODA is headquartered in Jakarta and Bandung, with a 30-member team. By Q3 2024, the company aims to collaborate with more than 30 manufacturing partners, 100 SME suppliers/distributors, and 150 contractor partners, further enhancing the construction sector’s efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability in Indonesia.