DHL Supply Chain is set to invest €350 million over five years in Southeast Asia, targeting warehousing expansion, workforce augmentation, and green initiatives.

The decision follows Indonesia’s recent $400 billion infrastructure investment, with the country emerging as a pivotal economy in Southeast Asia. Andries Retief, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Southeast Asia, highlighted their intention to stay ahead of the imminent demand surge and support customers in future-proofing their supply chains.

A significant milestone in this expansion is the DHL Maheswara Green Logistics Center in West Java. Slated for completion by 2023, this EUR25 million facility, emphasizing sustainability, will boost the company’s warehouse space by 10%.

Sivananthan SKS, President Director Supply Chain Indonesia, pointed to potential growth in other regions, emphasizing Batam’s strategic proximity to Singapore. DHL’s forward-thinking strategy also includes digitization, with a cloud-based Warehouse Management System and the mySupplyChain platform offering real-time order tracking.

Complementing infrastructure growth, DHL will generate 500 jobs by 2024 in Indonesia and promote skill development via training hubs. Their green commitment remains strong, with plans to extend their electric vehicle fleet and introduce Carbon Neutral Building standards across facilities.