Leading international index provider, MSCI, recently unveiled the updated ESG ratings for Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (the Company; HKG: 601688.SH, HKG: 6886, HTSC.L). Owing to exemplary ESG practices, Huatai Securities’ MSCI ESG rating for 2023 has been promoted from A to AA level, making it the first securities company in Mainland China to reach this rank, placing it at the forefront of global leadership.

The rating report highlights Huatai Securities’ advanced standing among peers in areas such as corporate governance, responsible investment, and privacy and data security. The Company’s robust modern governance and commitment to customer privacy protection are particularly emphasized. To date, only one securities company globally has secured an MSCI ESG AAA rating and six have achieved an AA rating, with Huatai Securities standing alone as the sole AA-rated securities company in Mainland China.

Championing the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG), Huatai Securities gives high priority to ESG and social responsibility practices. The Company is dedicated to harmoniously integrating ESG into its operational management, thereby enhancing the implementation of innovative development concepts.

In terms of governance, the Company focuses on strengthening the Board of Directors and the ESG Committee, ensuring their effectiveness in decision-making and supervision regarding ESG matters. In terms of business, the Company actively advances green finance by supporting the listing of new energy and environmental enterprises and introducing innovative green investment and financing tools. These efforts aim to drive green technological innovation and facilitate the transition towards sustainable economic development. Furthermore, through initiatives like the “Yixin Huatai” One Yangtze River, One Tomorrow public welfare projects, the Company continues to invest in areas such as biodiversity protection and rural education. Huatai Securities has also established the Huatai Foundation to execute public welfare activities in a professional and transparent manner, with the goal of promoting social justice and making meaningful contributions.

The MSCI ESG rating of AA recognizes the Company’s robust ESG governance structure and green financial service capabilities. Moving forward, the Company remains committed to upholding the principles of ESG and social responsibility. It will actively promote the deep integration of its development with the real economy, green finance, rural revitalization and social welfare. Huatai Securities aims to make pioneering contributions that empower the high-quality development of the real economy.