VTEX (NYSE: VTEX), a global enterprise digital commerce platform, has partnered with Motorola India to enhance its direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy and expand its digital-first approach.

This collaboration has introduced various customer functionalities like affordability schemes and multiple payment options, including PayU’s integration offering over 100 payment methods.

Motorola India, leveraging VTEX’s responsive and customizable platform, has seen significant improvements in customer experience, SEO, and analytics insights, allowing a deeper understanding of consumer feedback. This has enabled Motorola to double its business monthly for the first three months since going live in July 2022.

Shivam Ranjan, Marketing Head at Motorola Asia Pacific, emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating, “The collaboration with VTEX has been instrumental in our D2C strategy, helping us seamlessly integrate our B2C and B2B channels, and enhance our website and checkout experience.”

The integration of VTEX’s low-code development platform with PayU’s payment solutions has provided Motorola with the agility to launch new projects quickly.

VTEX’s collaboration with PayU, an online payment solutions provider in India, offers a pre-integrated payment solution that shortens time-to-revenue and provides exceptional checkout services.

Nikhil Mehta, SVP – Partnerships & Payments Strategy, PayU India, noted, “By integrating PayU’s payment solutions into VTEX’s digital commerce platform, we are delivering an elevated online shopping experience for Motorola customers in India.”

Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager at VTEX EMEA & APAC, highlighted the synergy between VTEX and PayU, stating, “Our collaboration strengthens our commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers in India, offering a pre-integrated payment solution for faster time-to-revenue.”

The strategic alliance between VTEX and PayU demonstrates a commitment to digital commerce transformation, enabling brands like Motorola to enhance their online presence and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.