Mintus Global Limited (Mintus), announces that Eurobank Asset Management MFMC (Eurobank Asset Management), a 100% owned subsidiary of Eurobank S.A. (Eurobank has acquired a minority stake in Mintus Global Limited (Mintus).

This investment will trigger further collaboration between the parties in the field of alternative investment asset categories.

The collaboration will combine Eurobank’s expertise across alternatives with Mintus’ high-tech solutions offered through the cutting edge fractionalized alternative asset platform operated by its FCA regulated subsidiary, Mintus Trading Limited and enabling Mintus to offer access to a diversified set of alternative assets.

“Our investment in Mintus underscores Eurobank Asset Management ‘s commitment to harnessing breakthrough technology to benefit our clients,” said Theofanis Mylonas, CEO of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC.

“This move builds upon Eurobank Asset Management’s history of seeking innovative opportunities to add value for our stakeholders. The resulting forward-looking approach to asset management will strengthen our position at the forefront of the global financial landscape.”

“Joining forces with Eurobank Asset Management MFMC solidifies our vision of transforming the future of investing by significantly broadening access to alternative assets,” remarked Tamer Ozmen, Founder and CEO of Mintus. “We believe that providing people with increased investment opportunities is essential to greater financial independence and collective prosperity.”

The move comes as demand for alternative assets has increased, due to their attractiveness as a diversification tool offering returns uncorrelated with both the stock and bond market and potential returns.

Prequin estimates that alternative assets under management will reach $24.5 trillion by 2028[1], up from $13.7 in 2021. EY research found the percentage of alternative allocation within portfolios increases with net worth, from 14% for the mass affluent to 81% for ultra-high-net-worth individuals[2].

“The investment of Eurobank Asset Management in Mintus is a sign that the art market is evolving and a testament to the growing acceptance of shared art ownership,” said Brett Gorvy, Chief Curator, and Chairman of the Investment Mintus’ Art Committee. “A more inclusive, democratised art market will benefit both investors and artists in the future.”