Cebu’s 5th District continues to boost its air transport sector with another airport project as its representative, Cong. Vincent Franco “Duke” D. Frasco, files House Bill (HB) No. 9665, providing for the construction and establishment of Sogod Cebu International Airport.

Cong. Frasco acknowledges the air transport sector as a vital enabler of economic growth and development, playing a significant role for high-value industries such as trade, manufacturing, and tourism.

His HB No. 9665 seeks to establish an international airport in the Municipality of Sogod, Cebu with a vision of creating more jobs for his constituents, enhancing the tourism industry, attracting more foreign investors, opening local business to the global market, and generating income and tax revenues, among others.

The proposed Sogod Cebu International Airport will be the second international airport in the Province of Cebu. Its establishment shall help decongest the air traffic in the existing Mactan-Cebu International Airport which is considered to be the second busiest airport in the country.

It will also serve as the main gateway in the northern part of the Central Visayas Region, bringing more access and connectivity across cities and other countries.

Under Frasco’s HB No. 9665, the construction of the new international airport will be facilitated by the Department of Transportation. It will serve both domestic and international air transport operating on modernized facilities and sophisticated management systems.

With the administration’s prioritization of government spending on infrastructure, Cong. Frasco believes that “the proposed Sogod Cebu International Airport will not only uplift the lives of the people in the 5th District, but will also bring a significant economic impact to the Province of Cebu and the rest of the country.”